Friday, 17 October 2014

Psychadelic Slit Mouth Woman

Haiiii! Just hangin' out in my garden wearing all my clothes piled on top of each other nbd. September-October is basically two month long carnival of halloween fun times, so I decided to dress like a Simpsons Tree House of Horror Episode, yay! 

The cardigan was from the vintage section of Urban Outfitters, like 2 years ago in the sale (coz it was March!), the dress was from the sale in Zara but it's superrr short so I have to wear a skirt underneath which makes it bunch up weirdly around the middle, so yeah umm cute dress on the hanger but not great to actually wear, still I love the paint blob patterns! Simpsons socks which you can't actually see (close up further down!, mum's trainers, cat bag from a market stall in Oxford. Oh and blood-blob choker from Claire's Accessories coz weird Halloween costume jewellery is the best! ^0^

Also! So much love and gratitude to everyone who has backed and boosted the Doll Hospital Kickstarter so far! You are amazing and I love you all, because of you we have reached our kickstarter in six days! SIX DAYS! OUR GOAL WAS TO REACH IT BY 60 DAYS??? That's amazing! If you haven't donated yet you still can! And it will still be worthwhile! Any donations now will go towards shipping the journal internationally so it can reach all our readers worldwide, paying our contributors (something which is ridiculously important as our team of artists, illustrators, writers and designers have worked SO hard and deserve to be compensated for all their hard work) and, if raise enough extra £££, printing some more copies too!

Random close ups of outfit, and me procrastinating email answering via selfie taking:



Credits: The Simpsons!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Illustration by Alyssa Nassner, blog post cross posted from the Doll Hospital tumblr
Okay, so we’ve been working on Doll Hospital since the Spring, finding contributors, debating ideas, finding the best chansey fanart, but now, with our first issue completed we are ready to launch our kickstarter!
Over many months we have crafted together our first issue featuring contributions and interviews from awesome people such as Tavi Gevinson, Latoya Peterson, Esme Wang, Kate Zambreno, Mey Valdivia Rude, Kristina Wong, and Diamond J Sharp. It is 172 pages full colour of soothing illustrations, comic art, poetry, fiction, literary essays and real talk. We’ve uploaded a preview of some of the issue so you can get an idea of what we’re about. We think it is beautiful, we think it is necessary, and we hope you do too.
Our goal of £772 will allow us to print 100 print copies of Doll Hospital, any extra money we raise will go towards paying our contributors for their hard work, and, if possible, printing some extra copies too!
Once printed it should be accessible for anyone who wants to read it. As a result, the journal will be pay as you wish, you can donate a little, or pay nothing, we don’t mind, we just want you to read it. In investing in us you can allow us to achieve this goal, Because when it comes to mental health we believe that to share your story, or to find comfort in another’s, is not a privilege, it is a right, that should be free to anyone who needs it.
Now, asking money is a bit of a weird situation, so we’ve included lots of neat perks too!! Mix tapes, care packages, even advance copies of the journal!!
Will you support us? Signal boost us? Tweet this? Facebook us?
Saying it would mean the world to us is kind of a cliche, but struggling, sharing and surviving with mental health? Well that is our world!!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Study in Sheer

I like wearing sheer because it is:
a. like a cat in a well lit window
b. it's cute, and yohji-ish
c. as long as its not the short at the front, witch-long on the back, its not a 2012 throwback
d. a promise that does not deliver, a deliver that does not promis(I forget which order but i am certain that all clothes are this-sorta kinda-to who? to me of course!)

Rachel Rutt by Ben Sullivan, mark borthwick for i-D, kate middleton,  can’t go home, angels ribĂ©, 1977, Fleamadonna dress, Ming Xi for the Vogue China April 2014 issue, photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg and styled by Julia Von Boehm

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Poster Boys of Critical Theory also known as I make weird collages when I'm bored.

But not actually, and I'm sick of people finding ways to work in Walter Benjamin into an article about Instagram. Not everyone studies this stuff! Not everyone has the privilege of studying this stuff! And I find it so unnecessarily alienating to shove it in just so three people can get the reference. To be honest, if you are inspired by these people a better way to continue their work would be to make your own theory, your own thoughts, thoughts that can be shared and discussed by all. Philosophy, theory, is rooted in invention, not repetition. Reproducing art in the age of mechanical reproduction is kinda ironic no?

I can't change these systems, not on my own at least, not right now. When I have a beautiful media empire of positive pop culture discussion maybe then! But today I can at least break down who these people are, to share the knowledge, and realise that their work isn't actually as much of a big deal as ppl in the new yorker or w/ever make out.

This quote from Vice for their 'Slob's Guide to Critical Theory' pretty much says it all tbh: 

"A year after you leave education you’ll have no idea what it means but you’ll have a better, instinctive (i.e. borrowed) understanding of society and for a brief moment you’ll be able to say: “I read Roland Barthes and I sort of got where he was coming from.”

Coz okay this stuff is all about 'deconstructung reality' but that's the contents of the book and who reads the inside of books? So the notion of borrowed lip synching criticality is contradictory and bizarre, a new sort of unreality, which is interesting in itself...I suppose.

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin

"Remember, the “j” in Benjamin is silent. People have been ruined in academic society for fucking that up."
-Slob's Guide to Critical Theory 

There are two Uncle Walt's, Uncle D, and Uncle B, both made their careers in the moving pictures. 

Ways of Seeing, John Berger

"John Berger is either super feminist or super not feminist, I forget, but the book has more pictures in than words so that's cool."
-Me being deep

"I have a lot of problems with the academic queer community because it's a community that exists completely removed from reality," he says. "Those kids who are selling their bodies on the West Side Highway, on Christopher Street, they don't even know what the fuck queer theory is."

-Mykki Blanco may be clueless when it comes to Terry but this is yesss

And the rest! Denigrated in image in a mood board on a blog! Oh no! (Also I've written on Baudrillard here, and Deleuze here, so there's that....

Monday, 22 September 2014

Lumps and bumps

Lumpy space princess (the most comme des garcon-esque cartoon character if you ask me) inspired outfit, bunched up purple felt, lumpy rolled up t shirt and general awkward proportions. 

LSP in trouble in lumpy space i.e the BEST adventure time episode evarr, Comme Des Garcon S/S 1997

oh and also? also? I've been doing a ton of free writing crap on tumblr and i think i'm just gonna leave some of it here coz all my scraps, burst balloons of creative inspirations live here, also content warning for suicide and depression feelz:

Friday, 12 September 2014

nonsense songs

I'm like the only person in my family to have zero musical talent.

My Grandad's dad used to play the piano in the music halls in South London, y'kno in place of a soundtrack before the talkies came in?

I can't sing in tune and I'm the only person not to have grade eight piano in my house so yeah.

But I make up nonsense songs, and i recorded this one on my phone and i thought it sounded funny, in a weird kind of way, and as i save even my most jumbled incomplete thoughts, all my failures and incomplete creative processes, on this blobby blog i was like meh it might as well stay here with all the other artistic orphans.

Oh and I made a new tag for all those weird videos that didn't fit elsewhere of me dancing to taylor swift/flailing around, and now, singing tunelessly, it's called Audition, cos it's my fave movie and also these are rough and incomplete introductions to nothing! They suck! I suck! Everything sucks! Yay! Also I resent that being a gross girl in horror movies isn't like a legit career option? 

I couldn't figure out how to upload them as mp3s so I had do it as an 8 tracks mix, so i apoligise to each and every 8tracks user who may accidentally stumble upon this! the first three are me, and then i ran out of recordings so the rest is a combination of the muppets/scott walker/anything other strange silly thing i could find on my 8 tracks library!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The beauty of art is that you can use the term very loosely

As evidenced by this post.

But yeah I made some "art" I don't feel like I make art enough  to consider myself an "artist" like when i see the rapid fire of tumblr illustrators compared to me knocking out like three painting a year it's kind of a 'holy shit what am i doing with my life' moment. i make art when i feel like it and some of it got put in collections and shows and stuff so ppl think of me as an artist but idk they give me too much credit, making art, pen to paper style is not in the fabric of my day to day, the only reason writing is is coz its the only way to communicate with other ppl. like most of my writing is merely an extension of my day to day, i do not consider it a separate craft, any more than like writing a fb message is a craft but yeah. 

but i made some picture things today based on that girl, who crawled inside a dead horse and took like photos and ate its heart or something. Wtf? I kno! How can that level of weirdness not get immortalised in art when art is defined in the broadest way possible. Forget criminal sentences, online campaigns, having me draw her really badly on my weird blog is probably punishment enough. 

But seriously, aren't you kind of drawn in by those original photos, in the same way as the 1970s folk horror films like The Wicker Man and Blood on Satan's Claw? Like its fucked up and urggghh gags and why does this exist, but also bizarrely intriguing in a why-are-you-smiling-inside-a-horse, why-does-it-look-like-the-dead-horse-is-giving-birth-to-you i swear there's some drawn out symbolism there, also picasso drew suffering, ill treated horses so often in his work and i love picasso, and why-are-you-looking-into-my-soul, and doesn't this look like a francis bacon painting with all his gross meat portraits and why am I still looking? why-am-i-now-drawing-this? because its imbedded into mind in the things that i cannot unsee catergory? oh okay.

sooo i drew a collage/oil paint/water colour/pencil version:

And a drawing/illustration/sketch thing:

and little pencil drawing:

I think I will probably do some more, but i feel grossed out/nauseous from looking at the photos so am going to wait till the weekend, maybe my stomach will have settled by then!