Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Internet is for Porn


Here is an art work I made for the online feminist magazine, The F Word. I started making art and illustration to complement their articles in the autumn and am finding it to be a really interesting experience.
This particular work was created to complement a think piece critiquing pornography. The work is based on a piece from Jeff Koons 'Made in Heaven' series. I was influenced by Gerhard Richter's 'Capitalist Realism' pieces where he appropriated existing photos and painted over them and blurred them. In this sense through adopting an existing image I like to think I've created my own 'Capitalist Realism' piece. I chose to keep the work fairly abstract as I felt that to create a literal figurative work would be missing the point. After all if I created a gratuitous image on the subject of pornography (Paul McCarthy's current work at Hauser and Wirth is a pretty good example of this) I would be conforming to the very medium I'm meant to be critiquing.

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