Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Distant Voices, Still Lives

Here is another little piece of art I made for The F Word. This work is on the alienation of working class people from feminist dialogue. Its such an important topic and illustrates one of The F word's strengths, their ability to dissect all manner of privileges. For its so easy to be so wrapped up in critical theory and academia that you become completely disconnected from the very people you are meant to be working alongside. My piece may not seem to be tackling questions of class culture very directly. However, I was wary of falling into trite stereotypes, as a result I chose to work on more of an emotional level. The photograph is a family photo of me and my Mum when I was little. She was a young single mother who raised me on benefits so I felt locating this photograph at the heart of the piece worked nicely.  My selection of colours are also chosen to reflect questions of class identity and alienation. For instance to the left I created an abstract interpretation of the Oxford University crest and on the right a similar interpretation of the Cambridge University crest can be seen. This was chosen to illustrate the insidious manner in which the 'educated' minority voices dominate feminist dialogue.

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