Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Girls Get Busy

Here is a couple of pieces I made for Girls Get Busy last autumn. I really like how the intricate forms of the doilies (spelling?) contrast to the amateur half formed biro bodies. Alongside my degree I've been taking fine art drawing classes at the Slade and have realised how much privilege the literal still holds. We were doing life drawing and when the teacher looked at my work he said something equivalent to, "Oh I can see your work is very abstract and that's interesting...but what's the point in these works if you're not replicating what you see." Hmm well no offence to Slade teacher man but he think he's missed the point entirely. Guy Debord argued in the Society of the Spectacle that sight is the most privileged of senses because the visual world is so easy to manipulate. Images lie. They can be warped appropriated and maligned to suit the author's needs at the particular time. The moveable nature of the female body being the most striking example of this. The unreliable nature of the visual world needs to be addressed before you can even attempt to critically address this subject through art

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