Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Childhood's End

I am very happy to say that I am now a member of The Ardorous! Their work is so exciting and new and such an inspiration to me. It is a great privilege to be  included alongside so many artists that I love. An album of my work is now on the site which includes some work that is already on here and some new works too. All of the series centres around my gender dysphoria, a scary topic to address directly I must admit but I am very glad I did. I've had some really nice responses about them so it's good to be brave about stuff I guess! These works are very much coming from a secret childhood place so I felt it was incredibly important for there to be a naive sense of mark making, reflecting the fragmented sense of the body which I feel is so important in this series. My essay writing is my place to critically deconstruct visual culture in a formal sense. However, I deeply feel that my art needs to be coming from a different place. So I'm trying to ignore the voice that is trying to tell me to make everything complicated and reference Deleuze and make 'adult' art in 'adult' mediums. Whatever that means. I recently read Yayoi Kusama's autobiography, she argues that a crucial part of the power of her art is that she does not follow trends or court provocation. It is very much a part of her. Thus a cool sense of intellectual detachment has no place in the art of the personal. Its boldness lies in its vulnerability.

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