Sunday, 15 April 2012

Home Sick

I took Petra's kind encouragement about my dysphoria collages and made another work. Even though I've being studying technical drawing at the Slade for the past few months it was a conscious decision to apply the drawing styles of my pre-teen self in this work. I even went through my childhood sketchbooks to develop that style of my mark making and colour combinations. It was also kind of a reaction against my perfectionist tendencies when it comes to my academic work, choosing to create a piece that is intentionally an imperfect, flawed piece.
I felt that collage was an appropriate choice in expressing this theme, which is inspired by Tavi Gevinson style of referencing the aesthetics of existing pop culture to create something that is in turn deeply personal. The central image is actually drawn from a photograph of Disneyland she posted on her blog. The manner in which the aesthetics of Disnelyand has permeated into the collective imagination fascinates me, Henry Giroux's writing on the subject especially, I actually dedicated a chapter of my dissertation to the topic. It also echoes the impossibility of articulating dysphoria is in a clear and original way, for the language of gender and the body carries so much existing baggage.
In other news I am seeking the help of my good friend Danni to sort out the somewhat poor image display  and somewhat unpredictable layout and formatting of this blog. So if you imagine posts as being prettier  for the time being it would be much appreciated!


  1. I used to always have this problem of trying to make my art technically "good" which just meant that I made less art and wasn't as enthusiastic about it, so I remind myself as much as possible now to be messy and just have fun and do art for art's sake and for my sake. Definitely looking at old notes and stuff from school and childhood has helped because it was all just stupid stuff to pass the time, but it's so nice to have that to look at, and I want to leave more trinkets for myself in the future, as much as possible.

    I also ramble on forever about my art, which can make it more fun somehow and get me more into it as AN IMPORTANT LIFE ACTIVITY. I guess I picked that up from my brief bit of art school. In a strange way I miss the way my teacher would say the same thing many times in this drawn out fashion and would get stuck in this circular speech about one thing that would never end. Bless him.

    1. Oh this message was lovely, I completely agree with you. I had the same exact thing last year I went though this super self conscious teen angst phase where I felt like I had to constantly prove myself as this ultra serious intellectual person who dressed in plain colours and wore button up shirts. It was awful!
      That's partly why I set up this blog, to consciously move away from the 'this is my portfolio of critical theory and incomprehensible art' way of thinking and to something more open and personal.
      People sneer at coloured pencils, the imperfect and childlike optimism but I'd rather make something like that which people can actually relate to than something cold and clinical that happens to cross reference Roland Barthes.