Thursday, 19 July 2012

Life and Stuff


I am very aware that I have disappeared from this blog for many a month so will use this post to update you on the (slightly) non-specific topic of life and stuff.

May and June was swallowed up with working on degree show which I co-curated with three other students in my class. (I will do a proper post with pictures of the show and detailed writing and stuff in August). I have realised that curating exhibition is like being in labor for sixth month but you only get to have the child for like a week and the duration of that week you have to parade it around whilst people tell you how ugly your baby is or try to buy your babies limbs. Curation is a peculiar field indeed! Nonetheless is was an exciting and challenging experience and I was very flattered by all the positive response and support for the show. It was also pretty cool to be the first year to show in Central Saint Martin's new building.

At the end of June I turned 21 and had this awesome cake to prove it:

Sophisticated no?

I also had like a ton of cards which said things like 'congratulations on being a woman' with an hour glass figure on that were kind of funny but mostly made me want to cry. I wrote a piece on curating your identity through your bedroom (which I will upload after this post) and it really made me think about how birthday gifts and cards move away from curating the self into curating the Other. It's so interesting I really hope to write an essay about it soon.

July has been spent painting, dancing to Nicki Minaj in Hyde Park with my cousins, seeing old friends, reading, watching films and generally being free from the constraints of study timetables and standardised grading systems.

I also graduated yesterday which was a little weird.

We got to watch some UAL propaganda video about how Central Saint Martins is the centre of the universe and all art with some very sincere excerpts from Jarvis Cocker. And then it went to dark and we had to stare at a giant projection of Colin Firth holding an honorary Central Saint Martins doctorate whilst the students behind me shuffled uncomfortably and muttered about how glad they were not be paying £9,000 a year for this. I say this with love of course! I adore CSM and wouldn't have wanted to have studied anywhere else but one can't help but notice the sheer ridiculousness of it all. Also 600 art students all trying to do 'unique' graduate photos at once proved a little much by the end.

I am also working on getting this little blog looking less like a Bebo page from 2002 so please bear with me on that!

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