Sunday, 12 August 2012

Curating Girlhood

It was such a nice surprise to return home from travelling to see these awesome pictures of the Strange Magic show on Rookie. The show looks absolutely wonderful. When I see Tavi's shrine work I see what a critically astute curator she is, manipulating found objects of the corporate construction of girlhood to create a new language for teenage girls. It's particularly interesting that the teenage bedroom took centre stage, for at the heart of Rookie is the desire to reverse the traditional structure of girlhood. This is the belief that girlhood is a shameful secret place to be hidden from sight. Tavi, in the Strange Magic Show, and in her Rookie Road Trip as a whole, continues to challenge this structure, evident in her reapplying the aesthetics of adolescence to the outside world of the exhibition opposed to the inside world of the family home or school. For the fact that these works are displayed in a gallery is crucial to the ethos of the show. The culture of girlhood has been traditionally perceived as insipid and superficial, evident in such satirical works as Charlie White's OMG BFF LOL. However, this perception is not denied, it is playfully exaggertaed, thus the fears of the teenage girl, her sexual desires, her strange pubescent powers, her plastic artifice are not merely acknowledged but amplified. Here in teenage girl digital culture lies the future of contemporary curation. 

Photos of my 'Period Pants' piece in the Strange Magic show by Avery Hunsberger and Petra from Rookie Magazine

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