Saturday, 15 September 2012

Don't Take Me Too Lightly!

I have finally got round to uploading my degree show work, sorry it took so long! Here is a selection of images from the show which I co-curated and made artwork for. Below is my work for the exhibition. Photographs taken by myself and Peter Cattrell (see individual photos for details of who took what).

Rowan Morrison (the missing girl from the Wicker Man) school desk: details from inside of desk, full desk view, a sleep deprived me by my desk before the private view (photo three by Peter Cattrell), scan of Rowan's letter to Cecelia Lisbon. 

Matilda Wormwood school desk, photograph one taken by me, second photograph by Peter Cattrell. Note the MENSA magazines and mini shrine to Sheldon Cooper. This is for the character of Matilda imagined at eleven when she had stopped being modest and turned into a pretentious egotist.

A school desk I curated as an exhibition space for the super talented photographs Petra Collins, photograph taken by Peter Cattrell

Teacher's desk, first image by Peter Cattrell, image two and three taken by me


  1. Your work is beautiful. And I really love the letters, especially the one from Cecelia to Rowan (what pretty names!!).

  2. I saw this on the CSM website, it's brilliant work!