Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Flesh is the Death of Fantasy

"Paint can be like mud or faeces, and it can be delicate as makeup; it can adorn or besmirch, beautify or degrade."
-Adrian Searle

I don't want to have a body. I don't need a body and my teeth feel so funny in their pie hole. There are red eczema stains on my spinal cord (ickick) but I am happy, I am happy and I hope you are too. Today I am thinking about performance art after this article I read by Adrian Searle. The top image is particularly exciting to me, I like the idea of painting your face to hide the decay of being a body. I nearly typed 'hide the decay of being a boy' but I guess that works too, in my case at least. 

Zsuzsanna Ujj With a Throne (1986), Helena Almeida's Inhabited Painting (1975), Yves Klein, Anthropometries series 1960, Leigh Bowery, Urs Luthi, I'll be your mirror, Helena Almeida, Untitled

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