Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Smile and a Ribbon

Because of a silly monster that chomps on my brain (no wants to with you at lunch dysphoria, seriously, didn't you get my note in class? Jeez) my relationship with my gender and my body is a big tangled mess 99% of the time. Nonetheless,  I wholeheartedly identify as a girl, okay not with my body, no, no, never my body. But certainly my lived experiences of It, and the culture that surrounds It. The superstitions, elaborate costumes and 90's high school films. I mean, the fantasy construction of gender has far more influence than anything 'real'. Especially as 'real' comes down to bodies and biology and messy gross things which prove to be infinitely more unreliable than a life spent lip-synching to Clueless. So yes, I have dysphoria, and I am a girl, and that's okay.

Japanese magazine advert, from 50 watts, Harry Clark The Fairy Tales of Perrault, from 50 watts, Ginger Snaps, Phil Kirkland. ‘Moving from Youth to Adulthood’, from TeenageRafael Barradas, Poisoned Flowers, from 50 watts, The Company of Wolves

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