Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Be A Body

I've had this photo essay thingymaboo in my draft posts for like a month but have been putting off publishing it coz the most articulate accompanying text I could come up with, the best description of living in the crack between body and self, was this-

Why I never became a male model-A Super Critical Super Detached Essay About My Emotionz


I know. I know. It's good.
A little too good.

In all honesty I'm not sure if that last one is even a real emoticon.

Erika Linder being perfect, book covers of Bill's New Frock by Anne Fine, Vitto Acconci, Michelangelo's David boxer shorts, Pablo Picasso, Boy with Pipe (1905), Ana Mendieta, Silueta Works in Mexico, 1973-77, unknown from girlfarts, Gunter Brus, unknown found in my tumblr archive

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