Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lovely and Vile

“Partly why we’re such control freaks is because, when you are going that far, if it’s also crappy and not well done, you look like a shithead,” Parker reasons. “Whether it’s [Book Of Mormon] or an episode of the show, we work really hard to make it structurally sound, have a point. We have to think of a reason why something that’s funny has to be in, so someone can’t say it was gratuitous.”
-Trey Parker

How much is too much? I'm not sure. I don't have the patience to be subtle. I like repulsive gross shit that makes people uncomfortable. I would rather make someone retch than make someone think. I love that the first thing that comes up when you google me is the Period Pants piece from the Rookie show and not like my ten thousand word thesis. I look that piece because it is sweet and icky and crap and perfect. I have been thinking about Mat Collishaw's work today after Jonathan Jones published a piece on him. I have been thinking about creepy good-bad mega nasty cartoons after my cousins made me watch Salad Fingers on YouTube. 

"For me, Collishaw is a good political artist for the same reason he is a good religious artist and a good artist-artist. It is because he believes in the efficacy of images. Not for him the abstract evasion, the minimalist half smile – fashionable or not, he wants to punch your imagination in the stomach." 

Infectious Flowers, Mat Collishaw (2004), Conjoined Fetus Lady, Mat Collishaw, The Venal Muse (2012), The Fly, Infectious Flowers, Mat Collishaw (2004), Kyle's Dad's dolphin surgery, Mat Collishaw, Insecticide, Salad Fingers, Mat Collishaw, Last Meal on Death Row, Texas

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