Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Old Boys

"The old cliche that your school years are the best years of your life quickly began to realise itself in horrible Technicolor for the lads. The cheeky Carlsbergs after training, the "crafty fags" at lunch, the Friday night Mitsis and the fact that becoming a professional sportsman is actually really fucking hard meant that their dreams would never come to fruition.
Now, they live their lives like protagonists from Philip Roth novels; high school superstars cast adrift in a world that knows nothing of their achievements. Their wives fear them, their mistresses hate them, their illegitimate children will build their entire lives around trying to not be like them. They dreamed of leading the team out at Wembley, they ended up as pixellated faces in Freeview channel police shows and Spankwire dogging vids."

I fell in love with this post, Clive Martin in such a good writer, and what better way to honour it than copying and pasting some images into a big barf on blogpost. Yay.

Herman Nitsch from weepling, ready meal image from here, Tracey Emin, She Kept Crying 2012, 

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