Saturday, 31 August 2013

Only in the Movies

I wanna start documenting my outfits more, mainly cos I am just terrible with remembering what goes with what. But also cos putting my silly old self out there is a good exercise in Confidence.

Lol wut no.

I am just really, really struggling with Syria and can't bear to write another post on it. Please, please, pretty please don't make me!! But I want to write something. Anything. (Distraction.) And describing my outfit feels therapeutic. Hmm. Yeah. I could never be a fashion blogger tho as my face does strange things when faced with a DSLR and I have a disgusting weakness for fast fashion a la Primark. 

Speaking of. This topic is Primark. But it's Alice in Wonderland so that's ok. Is it? Probably not. The choker is from etsy tho. See I can be quirky and independent!1!!11! 

Speaking of independent all the clever first world journalism bitching about Miley Cyrus coverage cos 'wut about Syria??1!' is getting old. As an actual real life Syrian bb I genuinely wanna hear about a scandal that doesn't end in a death toll. Maybe that's just me being a big baby. (Wah! Wah!) 

Also the scarf (worn as a hair band with a high ponytail) is Alexander McQueen! 

Etsy and Alexander McQueen balances out Primark rite?! 

NO? Boo you whore! 

I feel like the hair band is a subtle note to my Middle Eastern-ness and Africa-ness without doing either some ratchet white girl shit or being like Lady Gaga in a burqa. As a pale, pale Western girl I need to be careful about, like, my appropriating my own culture. Which sounds like a silly concept but is actually something I think about a whole lot. And I'm so privileged I could die. That is a clever double double meaning! Did u get my joke? Did u get my clever double meaning joke? Wearing the scarf in a bandana style gave it a secret meaning for me without undermining the real life reality of darker skinned people of color. Without turning it into a piece of throwaway angst, without making my heritage a prop, a backdrop for the higher purpose of higher education angst. 

I wore it with my high waisted Topshop skirt that screams out at science fiction angles and makes me think of Asami in the final scene of Audition. But Topshop throws off my independent v high street balance so we must end this post of a tie. Well that sucks. 

Oh and this post may seem small and silly, small and silly like Miley compared to Syria, small and silly, when you compare me to Syria (Syria as this generic, homogenous beast of unrelenting darkness) but sometimes we need nonsense and dancing teddy bears and Alice in Wonderland crop tops to make it through the night. 

This photobooth photo has mirrored my bellybutton in a weird way but it's the only one I have of my skirt!!!!111 # thirdworldproblems

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Selfies at Serious Places

Milk Teeth is a blog about pictures. Pulling stories out of my own pictures, out of other people's pictures. A place to think about other people's pictures of me and the privileges they carry. Using pictures to cope with things in my life that are too big for me to understand. 

Today I found a blog that is doing the same thing. Kinda. It is called 'Selfies at Serious Places' and this is a post about it. It is a sister piece to my #thirdworldproblems post, where I took shitty Syrian angst sefies. But yeah, so this blog. The people on S.A.S.P. shock me. The dead reduced to novelty hand gestures. Cos I totally never flipped a peace sign on my mac book against a hawaiian backdrop when thinking of crimes against humanity. I tut and think of hyperreality and Baudrillard, old text books talking dislocation in words no one understands. 

I sift through the surrounding images of my own little world to deal with my own little non-experiences of the Syrian Civil War. Sure a bunch of my family is there (including possibly my Daddy rite now-it's complicated-don't ask-don't tell). But I'm not. I'm a light skinned girl in merry old England who doesn't kno shit.

I kno I kno this but that doesn't make me better. Doesn't make me better than the ppl in this post. We are both dislocated from Real Actual Bad Things. Sure my Real Actual Bad Thing is actually about me. I guess. But it doesn't make me anymore authentic than a kid taking wild eyed selfies at Auschwitz. Or that time when Justin Bieber when to the Anne Frank's house, squeezing himself into her story.

We are pet store budgies pecking at our mirror trying, and failing, to understand the world through ourselves. The people in the pictures below have unlocked their jaws and swallowed themselves up. In short they are doing a hack job of it. But that's ok (I think?) cos so am I.  

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Third world girl with access to MacBook Pro takes selfies to deal with Syrian Civil War. Because photo essays aren't cutting it today I put together outfits with red eyeshadow. But I live in white suburbia, England. Not in Damascus. Not in Africa. And everything is stupid and why, oh why, do I own a hawaiian shirt. Because Leonardo Di Caprio in Romeo and Juliet was the first boy to discover Hawaii. So I put it on and I go on photobooth and think about  the end of summer and tourism and palm trees and the It's a Small World ride at Disneyland and people of color being magpies for the cultures of other people of color. The background on macs intrigue me the way they break up and fade away. Broken up beaches to make mixed girls with light skin (mac book flash is my fair and lovely) look exotic and In Touch With Their Culture. Or at least someone's culture. It's all the same really. And there wasn't a background for burying the dead. Sorry about that.

Also 100% credit to Arabelle whose Lady Vengeance Looks was the inspiration for this post.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

She Lay Down Deep Beneath The Sea

I visited Margate last month.  My Great Aunt and Uncle retired there (I swear all South London cockneys did in the late 80's?) and I visited them every summer when I was a kid. It's so weird that in the past few years it's been turned into a super gentrified, trendy-trendy-recommended by the Guardian hot-spot-shit. I'm pretty sure all that's Potemkin Village travel talk tho. Like how The London Evening Post tried to play up Tottenham Hale as an 'up and coming area' like six months before the London Riots.

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. This place was actually shut when I was here (it only opens on Saturday) so this photo was the product of me leering in the window like a creepy burglar. But still it was worth it, look how amazing this place looks!!!

Shell Ladies in shell bonnets like in the Walrus and the Carpenter

Last Supper Shell Temple living in a cabinet of curiosities

Me inside the shell grotto....

Before I got creeped out. Srsly doesn't this look like something out of a horror film?! Saying that I could definitely imagine a witchy, mermaid, glitter blur photo shoot for Rookie taking place here! 

High street by the sea front made me question gentrification, made me get my Great Uncle's words "this place will be desirable once I'm long dead."

Colourful sea side scene nostalgia with a side of Ghost World angst

Me being a geek at the bus shelter where T.S.Eliot wrote The Waste Land.  

Terrifying chip man in Whitstable

...And a playlist of summer songs if you want to recreate the experience of being stuck in a traffic jam with your grandparents on the M32 #glamlife

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Notes on Masculinity

Berlinde De Bruyckere, Tyler Durden, Gabriel Moginot by Armin Morbach for HORST magazine, military cat, skip arnold, closet corner

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Old Art

I realised I never posted these pictures I made a few months ago-oops! I am bad at sharing my work as it is so precious, I share my art sparingly online, my writing not at all. Even tho my writing is like my main thing. I am working on that tho, brownie promise. So yeah, just a few little collages of old photo albums and ugly nostalgia and tween school book aesthetics and gender issuez and depression and HARRY STYLES. Anything and everything can be improved with one direction stickers.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


To be sung to the tune of Disturbia.

Michelangelo, Self Portrait in the Sistine Chapel, Jenny Holzer, Inserts, 1988, Skin on Skin for Neil Barrett F/W 2011, image by L'ima Giraphe, Wolfgang Tillmans

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Genocide Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry: A Visit to the Powell-Cotton Museum

Colonialism for all the family. Mummy's taking us to the human zoo tomorrow. Zoo tomorrow. Zoo tomorrow. Look! A German tourist pretending to retch at a West African wax work. What fun. I take pictures. And put them on my blog. I may have slave ancestry but I am British, we don't do confrontation. Sorry about that.