Saturday, 31 August 2013

Only in the Movies

I wanna start documenting my outfits more, mainly cos I am just terrible with remembering what goes with what. But also cos putting my silly old self out there is a good exercise in Confidence.

Lol wut no.

I am just really, really struggling with Syria and can't bear to write another post on it. Please, please, pretty please don't make me!! But I want to write something. Anything. (Distraction.) And describing my outfit feels therapeutic. Hmm. Yeah. I could never be a fashion blogger tho as my face does strange things when faced with a DSLR and I have a disgusting weakness for fast fashion a la Primark. 

Speaking of. This topic is Primark. But it's Alice in Wonderland so that's ok. Is it? Probably not. The choker is from etsy tho. See I can be quirky and independent!1!!11! 

Speaking of independent all the clever first world journalism bitching about Miley Cyrus coverage cos 'wut about Syria??1!' is getting old. As an actual real life Syrian bb I genuinely wanna hear about a scandal that doesn't end in a death toll. Maybe that's just me being a big baby. (Wah! Wah!) 

Also the scarf (worn as a hair band with a high ponytail) is Alexander McQueen! 

Etsy and Alexander McQueen balances out Primark rite?! 

NO? Boo you whore! 

I feel like the hair band is a subtle note to my Middle Eastern-ness and Africa-ness without doing either some ratchet white girl shit or being like Lady Gaga in a burqa. As a pale, pale Western girl I need to be careful about, like, my appropriating my own culture. Which sounds like a silly concept but is actually something I think about a whole lot. And I'm so privileged I could die. That is a clever double double meaning! Did u get my joke? Did u get my clever double meaning joke? Wearing the scarf in a bandana style gave it a secret meaning for me without undermining the real life reality of darker skinned people of color. Without turning it into a piece of throwaway angst, without making my heritage a prop, a backdrop for the higher purpose of higher education angst. 

I wore it with my high waisted Topshop skirt that screams out at science fiction angles and makes me think of Asami in the final scene of Audition. But Topshop throws off my independent v high street balance so we must end this post of a tie. Well that sucks. 

Oh and this post may seem small and silly, small and silly like Miley compared to Syria, small and silly, when you compare me to Syria (Syria as this generic, homogenous beast of unrelenting darkness) but sometimes we need nonsense and dancing teddy bears and Alice in Wonderland crop tops to make it through the night. 

This photobooth photo has mirrored my bellybutton in a weird way but it's the only one I have of my skirt!!!!111 # thirdworldproblems


  1. As a mixed baby myself, I struggle a lot with wanting to connect (in some way! any way!) to my heritage culture (South Korean on my dad's side). But I'm ultimately a completely white-passing girl raised by a white mother (so of course my situation is different from yours and my privilege is pretty fucking astronomical) and I'm not gonna be like "W/E! I CAN RUN AROUND IN A HANBOK! BECAUSE IT'S ~MY CULTURE TOO~!LAND OF THE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!1". It's beautiful to find a way, as you said, to exist within your own context and history "without making [your] heritage a prop".

    1. Ah thank you for your words lovely <3 I totally agree, being mixed is a balancing act, on one side there is denying our heritage and on the other there is fetishising it. It is tricky but all things can be figured out in time xxx