Sunday, 29 September 2013

Gogo Yubari Fanclub

 Hallo. And a happy Sunday to you my dear. This what I'm wearing today. 

H and M shirt with ribbon bow attached, J.W. Anderson for Topshop jumper,  H and M skirt, Primark creepers, hugeee tutu thing I found in the attic when I was meant to be packing for Oxford. I hate packing, shuddup. All the credit for the Comme inspired composition goes to this post by Arabelle.

I got the H and M eye skirt yesterday, it was only £7.99 and is pretty much the closest I'm gonna get to Kenzo's evil eye range. I lub me some evil eyes, I kinda see them as a lil nod to my Middle Eastern and North African heritage? No? Maybe. Sorta? It's nice to quietly honour my ancestry without pulling some Mother Africa white girl shit.

 Same goes for the plaits coz plaits are the bestest even if my ends are nasty.

Aside from that my influences for this outfit are exclusively Japanese:

 -Comme des Garcons fall 2008 with its marker red netting.

-The lumpy muffin top days of Comme S/S 1997.

-And morbid school girl vibes from Gogo Yubari.

Being inspired by Japanese culture is tricky. It's easy, as a person of color, to cross the line from being interested and inspired by Japanese fashion, film and pop culture (not that Quentin Tarantino is authentic Japanese culture, but y'kno, generally speaking!) and being a fetishising weeaboo creep who perpetuates a particularly ugly brand of double edged racism by denying their own heritage and, instead, appropriating and fetishising a warped, Westernised perception of another person's culture. 

I wanna be mindful of that.

The only modelling work I get is for medical textbooks. That would be a really good insult if it wasn't directed at myself. 

So yeah, that's all folks! 

Hope you're having a brilliant weekend. Or at least a weekend that doesn't involve dressing up in ridiculous outfits to avoid packing for uni. 

Love always,



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