Monday, 2 September 2013



Hey! Hi! Hello! This is an old, old, post but it was swallowed in the recesses of my draft posts only to be discovered this morning. Also it is September! As in autumn! As in my favourite season! Woohoo!


But yes off topic.


On the day I wrote this post I went to the the Adventureland Golf at the Arnolfini. It was basically just regular crazy golf but arty, with each of the islands designed by a different British artist. David Shrigley was one of the artist which excited me and I kept on trailing after Matt saying obnoxious things like 'wannna hear a fact about David Shrigley?! Do ya? Do ya?? I've been in an exhibition with him!!' Which is proof that I am an entitled brat who shouldn't be let out of the house.

Speaking of leaving the house I wasn't actually intending to wear this outfit in front of real humans. Its just Matt called on me early and I didn't have time to change. Sometimes when I'm sad I like to distract myself by channeling all my contradictions, all my failings into an outfit, creating a sort of character. This one was inspired by third world tourism. Oh and Harry Wormwood on his honeymoon with Zinia in Las Vegas, I like to think of them going to all the weird reproductions of Egypt and stuff. And that makes me think of It's a Small World. Just fake foreign stuff, trashy tourism, hawaiian shirts and this scene from Lilo and Stitch which they ended up cutting from the movie.

I wore my nightmare before christmas necklace (mall goth 4 life) underneath the collar so Jack Skellington's face peeked out menacingly, pink Catholic bracelets I got from Madrid, fimo liquorice allsort bracelet from Jominxcats on ebay (I don't actually think she makes bracelets anymore but I've linked to credit her) and my Disneyland bracelet which my Grandparents got me when my entire family went to Disneyland without me cos I had to stay at home and revise for my AS levels. What can I say my life is a straight up misery memoir :'(

The skirt is Topshop and adds a futuristic John Waters vibe to any outfit. And the bag is from Primarni and is falling apart and doesn't go with my outfit, like at all, but I was in a rush so meh!

In terms of the actual art side. I dunno. Jake and Dinos Chapman were as shockingly predictable as ever. You like Nazis we get it! Move on! And I'm not really sure what the point of the Saddam Hussein one was either. If I'm gonna be straight up Adventureland failed as both an interesting art installation: "y'kno what would be really crazy...crazy golf but with like NAZIS?!" That's some Nathan Barley shit right there. And as a crazy golf course. The course itself was too small, we had to queue a bunch and the whole thing was hosted in like an aircraft carrier or something.

Which partly explains why the pictures we took on Matt's mobile came out so bad. My pupils are fucked up from the lighting in pretty much every photo, to the extent where I did my bi-annual freak out where I convince myself that I have eye cancer from a weirdly lit tagged photo on Facebook. Yeah um I'm easy going on. I'm still giving a link tho cos I think everyone should be aware of this stuff. See? Easy going. 

However, credit due where credit's due, the whole thing totally tied in with my fashion feels for the day. As in sad Syrian girl plays Nazi golf in Hawaiian shirt and takes a bunch of crappy mobile phone photos whilst doing it and then blogs about it on The World Wide Web. Like that works y'kno?

Demon eyes for Saddam Hussein. 

And on a final note: Yeah um, I don't, I can't even...

But yeah, hope you are all well and happy :3

Love always, Bethany



  1. hello you are really cute and your shoes and bracelets ^^