Monday, 2 September 2013

"I think we've entered the weird side of YouTube"

Ok so I'm currently cleaning out my room in preparation to move to Oxford in October. Welp! Scary. But also exciting. But also scary.

Where was I?

Cleaning and sorting is dull and unearthing your tween diaries serves as the perfect distraction. I scanned a bunch of the most ridiculous pages into my computer to collage. Here is a couple I made so far. 

In the first one the girl with the long hair is the scanned image, which I printed and stuck on a doily and decorated with crayons and pens before scanning the whole thing back into my computer with an old dress as the background. 

As you do.

Shut up! I hate packing. I had to do something. 

However, 2013 me had no creative input in the other, ahem, creation. Aside from scanning it with the same fabric. I mean it's the cast of Buffy as cow people! How could I improve on that? Why did I draw that? Why was 11 year old me such a creepy weirdo? I collected crappy cow ornaments at the time, so I think my creative reasoning "was I like cows and I like Buffy. Why not combine the two??!" Why indeed. Cos that's creepy and makes 22 year old me look like Ed Gein or something. Seriously what the fuck 11 year old Beth. 

Also in the spirit of documenting my outfits this is what I wore yesterday:

I was thinking about witchy vibes, school spirit, mall goths, The Craft, Twin Peaks and okay as I type this out I get that this is probably everyone's autumn references. But I dunno. Maybe that's not a bad thing. Maybe everyone that corner of the internet just has really good taste. There is a collective understanding of what autumn style should be and I find that incredibly comforting. Also I tried to photoshop a weird stain out of our carpet in this picture. And failed. Making this the least glamorous attempt at fashion blogging evarrr.

Primarni t-shirt, Karen Millen skirt (my only good charity shop find despite years of searching), Primarni shoes and socks and choker from etsy. Yeah I'm basically dressed entirely in Primark. Strike Two. 

I was also thinking about clunky awkward school photos. The ones where you blink or are just recovering from chicken pox. Where your clothes don't fit right.
Nightmare before christmas flower slide from Shrinking Violet (again this shop is no longer open but am linking for credit), Agent Dale Cooper hair slide from thekitschycupcake.
This is actually a better photo of the hairslides but my skin looked spotty and my hair looked greasy so I basically photoshopped my entire face out until I transformed myself into the alien foetus you see before you. 

Old ring I got from Claire's Accessories, charity bird pin, I have no idea where the snowflake brooch came from, could be vintage, could be Claire's Accessories or Primark, who knows!  My hands are skinny and always look strange in photos. The red bonnet brooch is from Portugal, a gift from my dear friend Amy. And not only is it the perfect autumn accessory but it is going to be my good luck charm for my first term at Oxford :)

A badge Jenny got me from a car boot sale. I have no idea what 'the never never club' is. I hope it isn't like a Triumph of the Will fan club or some shit like that. The background is the carpet in my Grandparents room. I love how much it looks like autumn leaves.

I hope you are all well and happy

Love Always, Bethany


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