Friday, 13 September 2013


"When Calliope surfaces, she does so like a childhood speech impediment. Suddenly there she is again, doing a hair flip, or checking her nails. It’s a little like being possessed. Callie rises up inside me, wearing my skin like a loose robe. She sticks her little hands into the baggy sleeves of my arms. She inserts her chimp’s feet through the trousers of my legs. On the sidewalk I’ll feel her girlish walk take over, and the movement brings back a kind of emotion, a desolate and gossipy sympathy for the girls I see coming home from school …. The sick fluid of adolescent despair that runs through her veins overflows again into mine. But then, just as suddenly, she is leaving, shrinking and melting away inside me, and when I turn to see my reflection in a window there’s this: a forty-one-year-old man with longish, wavy hair, a thin mustache, and a goatee."

Middlesex is the worst book to read if you are a sixteen year old trans thing. And I have like 9876589 problems with it generally. But this quote. This quote. This quote is the word talk of today's picture talk. 

Tracey Moffat, Doll Birth 1972 Shintaro Kago, Erwin Blumenfeld - Mirror Nude with Chemicals, NYC 1950s.


  1. I love you and your work and think that generally all of your stuff is super great so yeah

    1. My heart! I feel so so blessed to have lovely ppl like you reading my blog and looking at my work. Like srsly, thank you!!! <3 <3
      I hope you are well and happy and having the best September :))
      love Bethany