Friday, 20 September 2013

Ugly Pretty Girls

My new fun thing layering up all my old crappy clothes in the attempt of creating the illusion of one non-crappy outfit. Like 10 pieces of cheap-y high street tat piled on top of each other oh so carefully=one nice thing? Maybe? If you squint, take three steps back, turn round three times and then wander off and look at pretty LOVE editorials?

Also, on a side note, I swear my skin colour looks different in every photo? What's with that? :S

Lol. I have no idea if this outfit 'works' or not. But putting it together, all hopeful like, is most of the fun really! I don't have the nicest wardrobe and I'm bad at figuring out what goes with what. But that's okay. I worry too much about my uni work being 'perfect' or whatever. So it's nice to embrace my flaws, my failings, the uncomfortable outfits that don't quite work.

Uniqlo t-shirt, shirt bought from Leather Lane Market in Farringdon, pleather topshop skirt, netted dress from Miss Selfridge, Primark bag and New Look boots.

When I put this outfit together I was thinking about Comme Des Garcons bad fitting awkwardness, Tavi's wonderful skill for layering, Mi-na in the movie Doll Master, Asami in Audition, Klaus Nomi and Daphne Guiness. Whether I succeeded is another matter but I had fun so who cares really?

I hope you've all been having a brilliant week, and as always, thank you for being here.

Love always,


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