Thursday, 24 October 2013

picz plz pretty plz



i am sick

[Dickensian orphan voice]

 so very, VERY sick

 *blows snot bubble*

 so today i was a slug

slug face, oh slug face

and sick lends itself so quickly to sad

but sad is stupid

(i am stupid)

and what makes happy?

Foto dumpz of course!

I don't know why arranging photos on this blog is so cathartic. But it's the only medicine I'm willing to swallow. (Actually no that's a lie but w/ever)

I could say something real deep about how my prof pics aren't cute enough cos I'm a dysphoric trans* bb. So I copy paste the good shit in here. But I'm a slug whose spells wurd with a 'u'and I can't string those ideas together (not tonight) to pull ol' time Ovid style alchemy on my (tr)angst.

But enough of this idle chit chat.

Picz plz. 

Herbert Bayer. Humanly impossible. 1932: A self portrait, Time, Daehyun Kim, Gottlieb Schick

Also I am aware that this blog has been tumble weeding this month but all my inductions and introductions and freshers stuff is gone now so I actually have a life again. Yay.

But srsly, I hope you are good, I hope you are happy and whole.

Love always,


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