Monday, 4 November 2013

This is Halloween

Hey! Hey! How was your halloween??

I was Wednesday Addams. What did you go as? :)

Oxford is so ye olde hogwarts, the perfect halloween backdrop.

Which meant all my outfit pics turned out like this:

And this:

I love it! With my dark hair and insanely pale skin looking like a nightmare comes quite naturally. Which is powerful and lovely. People make faces and go urghh at my body, at my face, on days when I feel quite ordinary. So it feels cathartic to actually acknowledge and exploit that.

Other people's costume at the party I went to that night were super smart and cool.

Like this one:

It's a man in a box!! Omg, wut is this, optical illusion, ded.

And two friends of mine went as Kimye.

Look what they brought to stand in for their bb:


We also carved pumpkins on actual halloween night.
So I should have precious picz to show you how aRTistic i am.
 Especially coz I made a pikachu one 
omg so cute! 
actually no
 you haven't seen how gross these photos are.

Like the actual process of pumpkin carving is insanely horrific:

Oh, y'kno, just gouging Pikachu's eyes out nbd.

And then um the final result, was kinda um...


So yes update on my life: my childhood has been reduced to an icky pumpkin corpse. But at least I look adorably repulsive in halloween get up?

Yeah, um, I don't know you guys, I can't even....

I really hope you are good tho, that your days are well and happy, that you are eating good food and are loved by good people.

Love always,



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  1. oooh, amazing costume (: (&those tights are a thing of beauty!).
    I went as Wednesday as well last year, the patron saint of us dark-haired frowny creatures.