Thursday, 27 March 2014


"Bodily identity is the sole criterion of personal identity"
-Sidney Shoemaker, Personal Identity and Memory

(so i'm screwed)

Karborn | TumblrEvidence of Time Travel IV, 2014, Things With Faces,'Hand grasping a beautiful young woman's long, dark hair. 'Bromide print, Circa 1910


  1. BETHANY. Your blog is amazing and everything you think is amazing and I'm always in awe of the many different facets of your thinking and how they're always connecting with my ideas or forcing them further and so I guess I just wanted to express my admiration. Hi.

    1. Oh my gosh this is such a lovely message! Thank you Victoria!! It means so much to me that my work has been helpful to you! And srsly your encouragement and kind comments has really helped me to continue this blog/my work in general! <3 <3 So yes! I hope you are well and happy and your own creative work is going swimmingly!! :) lovelove XOX