Friday, 25 July 2014

Primarni Paper Bag

This is what I wore to go see Matt, I bought magazines the size of phone books and flailed around busy shopping malls.

The Bunny back pack is a Primark present from my family as consolation for never-ever-not-in-your-life-time-ever-in-a million-years-not-a-kitteh-cat's-chance-in-hell of being to afford a Mandy Coon one. (Sniff). Scrunchie from American Apparel (a Christmas present). The skirt is from Zara in the sale like two years ago. The socks are another Primark present, in a care package from a friend. The skirt UNDERNEATH is primark. The shoes are my mum's I think she got them in a catalogue or something. And the t-shirt is Primark from like two years ago also. Oh and the choker is from ebay.

I have been think a lot, and talking to Eline  a lot, about the politics of fashion blogging, of affordability, and the list of non-labels on this post gets me thinking. Am I a Very Bad Person because I do not have a Mandy Coon bag? And does my two year old Primark t-shirt infer that I am on the wrong side of capitalism? The shitty side of town where the exploits of consumption is less pretty coz poor ppl? No warm window shopping more don't make eye contact

And the blanket term of 'fast fashion' for cheap, badly made clothing is misleading, inferring that everyone who shops there is doing it out of impulse rather than necessity. The now, now, now, of bad throwaway trends and catwalk rip offs. When from experience its less that and more 'this is my children's school uniform for the year and thrift shops aren't a thing in the UK and also if you've spent your life in second hand (I know I have) it's actually a big deal to buy new things?'

We need clothes to walk out the house without incurring a criminal record. We need money to survive in a system which has designed for us to fail. The exploitation of workers in the garment industry is repulsive, and I am consciously trying to stop buying from these shops, but not everyone has the time to wring their hands and read a Guardian think piece. Some people need to get their kids a pair of shoes whilst working three jobs. And I'm not going to be the one to side eye them, paper Primark bag in one hand, push chair in another. Because I was that child y'kno?

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