Sunday, 6 July 2014

Socks and Sandals are cool because I said so.

Oh, hey. No time no blog. Or at least no time no real blog, because even though I have always been a girl who copy and pastes her feelings, image urls aren't quite the same as the (type) written word are they? I finished my Oxford finals last week and can now actually make Milk Teeth a priority again. 

So this is what I wore today yesterday, the Sesame Street halloween t-shirt is from Primark from like two years ago, and I am wearing it in July because everyday is halloween, the skirt is from A Wear (a now defunct Irish high street chain), the tights are from Ebay and the sandals are my Mums. After I took these I went to this weird garden centre/market place thing and drank rose lemonade in a bubbled glass. I sat on a wooden bench with bird shit on. Next to ugly stone ponies. Next to a field of Christmas tree saplings, nurturing the festive spirit in July. The market bit was peculiar in just the right way, I bought a trinket box shaped like a snail (lift the shell and put your things in). And I debated buying a hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil pepper pot with china mongooses (I thought it was meant to be monkeys but w/ever). I ate hard and porous honeycomb on the ride home and listened to the Shangri-las. 

I was feeling inspired by:

Torkil Gudnason for Mademoiselle magazine, March 1984, Holly Rose Emery & Grace Hartzel styled by Rich Aybar & photographed by Chad Moore for Out of Order FW13/14, Maison Martin Margiela fall/winter 2010, Ofelia in Pan's Labyrinth...

....And of course Kyary Pamyu Pamyu:


I really like the socks and sandals (well tights and sandals) look. A swings and roundabout reminder that what is desperately uncool, in a cliche goes with out saying, not going down on the fashion barometer cos it was never in the running sort of way, is totally interchangeable, with 'gee wizz let me upload this onto my fashion blog'. Not that this is really a fashion blog...I just like pictures, organising pictures, arranging pictures and putting together outfits, documenting outfits, thinking about outfits, is simply a fun way to do that. 

It was my birthday last Thursday (I turned 23!) so it feels like a good time to have an annual 'this was my year' (as seen through my phone at least) sort of picture dump. Yes I did go to the Harry Potter studios. Yes that is my cat wearing a Zayn Malik mask. Yes I am extremely cool. Thank you for asking. 

If that visual diarrhoea had an implicit narrative it may have passed me by. 2013-2014: the year I saw a fish, a cake and a balloon! Riddle me that. Idk. I guess 'looks right' is enough of a story for today.

Oh and I went to Barbara Kruger show at Modern Art Oxford and have a rather demonic document of the whole experience via my Blackberry:

Despite the relationship between text and images, the gaps between the two, the failings of the two, the idea of drawing with pictures, painting with words...poetry as architecture and all that crap being my number one obsession I am a little bored of the short statement as image as art model of visual culture. Whilst, there are of course excellent examples of this genre, I certainly like a good Jenny Holzer/Ed Ruscha/Lawrence Wiener, and understand and appreciate its history: advertising, propaganda, Guy Debord...all that jazz, it simply does not really excite me any more. I'm bored. To go all Kruger-y on you I want more! More! More! 

Speaking of text as image, some ahem 'graffiti' in my college library in Oxford, taken in the little cubby hole where I spent the early summer months.

....aandd to end on a high-a midnight selfie of me with with a cast iron saint in the graveyards of Oxford. Just coz.

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