Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I Like America And America Likes Me (Part Two)

Head to toe Primark (excluding the Topman socks), I wanted to create the outfit equivalent to this image collection.

There is an earnest uncoolness to the golden age of capitalism which complements this blog well. That sort of 'hi guys' *waves frantically* that underpins the billboards of the fifties. Whilst Baudrillard is my fave pop culture philosopher, he is engaging in this genre only to ascend it to his level. He makes the smurfs. The smurfs do not make him. This is a failing of his work.

Top down, not bottom up. Start with the tv show then read the book. If you're doing things the other way round you don't get it. Using the accessible with the sole intention of making it inaccessible. Disgusting. Writing on 'low' culture, only to bring in Deleuze, to show you are not 'of' it, that you are only visiting. Boring. It's all so self satisfied, if you need a theoretically knowing nudge nudge wink wink to talk about this stuff don't bother. 



And now for our image fix! Nom, nom, jpeg goodness brought to you by: learning from las vegas, Bobby Abley's autumn collection and some obligatory gizmo cuteness thrown in.

(Oh and if you ever want me to do a mood board/photo essay on anything in particular let me know-I love responding to prompts!)

Jean Baudrillard as Pinterest meme, Martine Bedine, Super Lamp (1981, Big Donut Drive, Venturi, Duck Shed, Venturi, Brigitte Bardot poster, Gizmo image, author unknown, Flag, mOSCHINO a/w 2014, Katy Perry being...umm, Chanel, A/W 2014,Anya Hindmarch Smiley Georgiana Clutch, Ashish, S/S 2014, Bobby Abley A/W 2014, Jasper Johns,


  1. That swan thing is the. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Also, I've finished the piece for Doll's Hospital, do you want me to send it in to your email tomorrow? xx It's a little longer than expected, but I hope you like it :)

    1. Aaa I kno, I am seriously obsessed with Venturi work right now o.O And yes that would be brilliant, no worries about length it's actually easier to edit slightly longer pieces :) So excited to read it <3