Saturday, 16 August 2014

Little Miss Sunshine

Okay so you know how in most photos you'd photoshop out like, a zit or whatever? In this photo I photoshopped out my knees! Kinda random no? Idk maybe it's in my head but I think EDS/hypermobility makes my joints looks kinda grossed and messed up so yeah! #GLAMLIFE

The t-shirt was in the sale ay Urban Outfitters, the skirt is the one from Primark I wear with everything, American Apparel socks (possibly the most expensive thing in this outfit)plus my mum's weird yoga shoes.

This outfit ties into a conversation I've been having with one of our lovely Doll Hospital contributors Lydia about the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Which I'm aware is a slightly more 'normal' reference for a blog which currently has a mood board featuring a man wandering round in a gimp suit made of chicken skin saved in its drafts. But shrug.I may be a ghoul but I am also like the least alternative person ever and genuinely went to see the Expendables 3 in the cinema this morning. Followed by pizza hut.(The film was amazingly bad but the pizza was excellent.) 

I love Little Miss Sunshine not just for its poppy Americana beauty pageant vibez (tho you kno I love all that). No. I think why this movie is so special to me is that it it is specifically about how it's okay to fail,to be a loser. Cos I often feel like being a failure is in my d-n-a and that scares me. I get upset. Freaked out. Put pressure on myself which I can't necessarily live up to. And when you've just had a pint of blood drained out of you and your biggest achievement is that your hair is finally growing back-albeit in fluffy dandelion patches-drafting up a metaphorical powerpoint on why you're a crappy person who will never ever amount to anything isn't necessarily helpful. I wrote about the whole the pro capitalist generation with no prospects thing yesterday, and I guess this applies as much to my cv as to my wardrobe. 

And now for a mood board fan board pin board on Steve Carell's character. Who is queer and suicidal and a would be intellectual. And so am I. (Maybe minus the intellectual part). 

"You know Marcel Proust? French writer. Total loser. Never had a real job. Unrequited love affairs. Gay. Spent 20 years writing a book almost no one reads. But he’s also probably the greatest writer since Shakespeare."

Little Miss Sunshine Stills, Marcel Proust on his deathbed by Man Ray.


  1. YAY, I GOT A SHOUT OUT! And that outfit's awesome. :) I've only just noticed how Frank actually looks kind of like Marcel Proust HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS BEFORE? xx

    1. I KNOW!!! :O Mind blown!! And woo thank you :)))