Sunday, 17 August 2014

Nurse Nancy

A Sandra Dee/Sylvia Plath inspired outfit (the two have more in common than you think). This entire outfit is from Primark, the skirt, the shoes, the bag, the socks...Just everything. Because 80% of my wardrobe is from Primark and I'm not going to throw out clothes that still have wear in to make some self righteous rich person feel better about themselves(!) 

In all honesty I have conflicted views on Sylvia--first name terms? oh yes i am--whilst I love channelling her preppy, peppy outlook into day to day ensembles and adore her poetry, I resent the idea that she is somehow the last word in mental health writing. Lady Lazarus may be flawless but the Bell Jar is not. Whilst individual passages cut through the bone the text as a whole leaves me cold. It alienates me. It bores me. 

I want to expand mental health writing so we can talk about Biggie and Tupac as much as Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath. Mental illness is not just for Ivy league educated white women. Mental illness is not a privilege, it's a fucking nightmare. And people of all backgrounds and genders are hurting and if all we see of mental health writing is Prozac Nation and the Bell Jar, then not only does their pain go undocumented, but it is more likely that it will go untreated. This is unacceptable. I hope Doll Hospital can challenge that in a small way.

And now! A mood board! This was originally a lot darker and nastier but with this week's events I think it might be best to just have something weird and silly. More cute vintage, less crimes against humanity y'kno? I hope you're all doing okay, I love you all a lot  ♥  


Mike Holzer, 'Snow White and the Seven Little Puggies, available to buy from this Etsy shop, Disney eyes, Holly Hobbit, unknown from this tumblr, Chelsea Girl, Coppit cover, vintage brownies, Mike Myers drinking Dr Pepper behind the scenes of Halloween. Spirograph packaging, Smoke and Fluff book cover, Roy Lichtenstein, 'What Sylvia Plath Taught Me' by Summer Pierre

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