Wednesday, 10 September 2014

✿ Happy Bethday ✿

I kind of wore two outfits yesterday

In the sense that I shoved a t-shirt over my dress half way thru the morning, and obvs had to document both outfit incarnations ***layering***

Also random, but after fangirling over horror movies this morning I rediscovered this gem of a birthday card that Emma sent me!? (My birthday was in June so not quite sure why I haven't show you till now but hey!!)

I am kind of burnt out with various things, so am not feeling some kinda --*-*hard hitting-*-*- blog post today, but in all honesty I think part of thinking critically, of unpicking the world, and drawing the invisible threads behind the unspoken ugliness of this place we call home, is knowing when to take a fucking break! And I need a lil time out, breath out, mind blank, so I can later craft work, make writing, and pictures that can cut through the bone, cheese wire style. Ya feel me?

But I am never too burnt out for mood boards, so have a mood board. I really like mood boards. also yay colour coordination!

Make Them Die Slowly (1981), I Know an Old Lady written by Rose Bonne, pictures by Abner Graboff (1961).Prada and Miu Miu’s design director Fabio Zambernardi for Filippo Timi's adaptation of the Don Giovanni. Photography: Tim Walker — with Paola Marcante and Bruno Mello, MILLHOUSE HALLOWEEN COSTUME, author unknown, Pravdoliub Ivanov - Pessimism No More (installation, detail - 2002),Yayoi Kusama, Yellow Trees, MADE IN CHESEA(!!!)

Oh and in hindsight it would have been wayyy cooler to have coordinated my outfit with the mood board but I didn't think of that so yeah!

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  1. That big black dress halfway through the mood board is all kinds of awesome :) xoxo