Friday, 12 September 2014

nonsense songs

I'm like the only person in my family to have zero musical talent.

My Grandad's dad used to play the piano in the music halls in South London, y'kno in place of a soundtrack before the talkies came in?

I can't sing in tune and I'm the only person not to have grade eight piano in my house so yeah.

But I make up nonsense songs, and i recorded this one on my phone and i thought it sounded funny, in a weird kind of way, and as i save even my most jumbled incomplete thoughts, all my failures and incomplete creative processes, on this blobby blog i was like meh it might as well stay here with all the other artistic orphans.

Oh and I made a new tag for all those weird videos that didn't fit elsewhere of me dancing to taylor swift/flailing around, and now, singing tunelessly, it's called Audition, cos it's my fave movie and also these are rough and incomplete introductions to nothing! They suck! I suck! Everything sucks! Yay! Also I resent that being a gross girl in horror movies isn't like a legit career option? 

I couldn't figure out how to upload them as mp3s so I had do it as an 8 tracks mix, so i apoligise to each and every 8tracks user who may accidentally stumble upon this! the first three are me, and then i ran out of recordings so the rest is a combination of the muppets/scott walker/anything other strange silly thing i could find on my 8 tracks library!

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