Thursday, 4 September 2014

September Space Girl


Hey bb's! Happy September!! ^___^ For some reason I felt like the Americana earnestness of last week's post would carry over well to early autumn excitement. For me autumn is the new year, a new year start, I even write my new year's resolutions around this time of year! And in this heart of newness, of rebirths, of starting again, there is something difficult I would like to address... 

I know I often blog about cute things, I mean um I love clothes and mood boards and moomins hello? I know I am light skinned, white passing, which lets face it, is code for budget store white girl, 'non-threatening'...all that stuff. I am very aware of this history. I know I have so many privileges, so many advantages, that my friends and family member do not. But just because I am pale does not mean I won't hold you accountable if you act like a gross racist! I am not saying this to be cruel, I am not like 'anti-white people' or w/ever, I hate calling people out as I find the process utterly exhausting, I don't even like talking about this stuff half the time as it's simply too draining. But I am anti-white supremacy in all its many manifestations, and it's important that people who follow my work realise that.

I grew up in a very white area and have had some truly horrible incidents in my life, both in terms of verbal and physical abuse, because I fall outside of the strict definition of what some people might see as 'white British'. I've had hairdressers refuse to cut my hair, I've had children throw rocks at my head, I have been called slurs I don't want to repeat and been told by strangers to get back to my own country. And I feel very ashamed and embarrassed to even admit any of this because I know what I experienced was relatively small in contrast to other people. And I worry that to even admit this will seem like I am being whiny or attention seeking or whatever! But in this instance I feel it is appropriate to share these things because I want you to realise that when me, or anyone else who live outside of the narrow borders of whiteness, express hurt, unhappiness or anger in regards to racism, colonialism or white supremacy they are not doing it to be nasty, to show off, to be a bully. Not at all. But sometimes when something hurts so bad it's hard not to make a sound y'kno?

Post colonialism is a lie (the scars ran to deep), post racism is a farce and reverse racism is a fucking joke quite frankly. My outfits and interests may be playful at times but when it comes to this I don't play, I don't compromise when it comes to racism, and if you think this is weird, or over sensitive, or unnecessary, than perhaps this is not the right space for you. 

*Breathes out*

Okay I am glad that is addressed! Now let's look at some pictures of dogs in outer space, a peculiar piece of propaganda if ever there was one!

"Back home in the USSR, the scientists vowed never to let another dog die in space, and were quick to unveil the next heroes, Belka and Strelka, the cheerful dog duo who would captain the next orbital flight in 1960. After a live broadcast that showed them merrily spinning in zero gravity, they returned safely to a wave of affection, and all the sausages they could eat. Sent on tour in their neatly tailored spacesuits – one red, one green – and immortalised in porcelain figurines, their cheery valour masked the fact that the original team, Chaika and Lisichka, had died a month earlier, when their rocket exploded on the launchpad."

Um okay maybe that didn't exactly lighten the mood? Ahem. Onto the mood board!

Matchbox label, 1957, matchbox label, 1959, K. Ivanov, 1960 [text translates as The way is open to man!]


  1. That second dog picture is so ace, as is your NASA shirt! But your stance on racism is the most ace. There's so much about racism that I didn't understand until a few years ago and learning has made it so clear that despite any white person's ostensible anti-racist stance, we (white people) all benefit from racism and all perpetuate racism by virtue of our culture and upbringing. What we can do is to accept the truth of that, make a commitment to concertedly undo as much of that as possible through learning, listening, understanding, and putting POC in positions of power.

    One of the weirdest things to me is that I can talk to lots of people online about this, but in real life it's like... lots of white people who do not know anything about racism, whose idea of racism is slurs and nothing more. It's also so weird that I didn't always know certain things because now it all seems so totally obvious, but I guess that's the nature of social white supremacy and white supremacist conditioning.

    1. Thank you so much for this message Lil I was actually quite nervous to post this! So your support means a lot :')

      And there is so much truth, so much wisdom in this comment you are actually restoring my faith in humanity!

      So seriously thank you, this comment was actually what I needed <3

    2. Also omg this!

      "we (white people) all benefit from racism and all perpetuate racism by virtue of our culture and upbringing. What we can do is to accept the truth of that, make a commitment to concertedly undo as much of that as possible through learning, listening, understanding, and putting POC in positions of power."

      Ily Lil!!

  2. bethany ily you're doing some of the most important blogging on the web atm! like, you're such a force, both politically & artistically +where they intersect ☆♡

    1. Oh my gosh thank you?? I really needed that!! Often I worry why am I doing this? Does anyone read this? When I compare myself to other bloggers, in terms of press coverage, media attention, colloborations etc, I often worry that my work is quite useless and bad. I suppose I feel that way in everything I do! With my writing, journalism, my art, my novel writing, I tend to sort of do it and then nothing happens, there is not much of a response! And I wonder if my work is wanted or needed. And they I feel sad about like my existence or w/ever! But yes! Thank you!! ✿ ✿✿