Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The beauty of art is that you can use the term very loosely

As evidenced by this post.

But yeah I made some "art" I don't feel like I make art enough  to consider myself an "artist" like when i see the rapid fire of tumblr illustrators compared to me knocking out like three painting a year it's kind of a 'holy shit what am i doing with my life' moment. i make art when i feel like it and some of it got put in collections and shows and stuff so ppl think of me as an artist but idk they give me too much credit, making art, pen to paper style is not in the fabric of my day to day, the only reason writing is is coz its the only way to communicate with other ppl. like most of my writing is merely an extension of my day to day, i do not consider it a separate craft, any more than like writing a fb message is a craft but yeah. 

but i made some picture things today based on that girl, who crawled inside a dead horse and took like photos and ate its heart or something. Wtf? I kno! How can that level of weirdness not get immortalised in art when art is defined in the broadest way possible. Forget criminal sentences, online campaigns, having me draw her really badly on my weird blog is probably punishment enough. 

But seriously, aren't you kind of drawn in by those original photos, in the same way as the 1970s folk horror films like The Wicker Man and Blood on Satan's Claw? Like its fucked up and urggghh gags and why does this exist, but also bizarrely intriguing in a why-are-you-smiling-inside-a-horse, why-does-it-look-like-the-dead-horse-is-giving-birth-to-you i swear there's some drawn out symbolism there, also picasso drew suffering, ill treated horses so often in his work and i love picasso, and why-are-you-looking-into-my-soul, and doesn't this look like a francis bacon painting with all his gross meat portraits and why am I still looking? why-am-i-now-drawing-this? because its imbedded into mind in the things that i cannot unsee catergory? oh okay.

sooo i drew a collage/oil paint/water colour/pencil version:

And a drawing/illustration/sketch thing:

and little pencil drawing:

I think I will probably do some more, but i feel grossed out/nauseous from looking at the photos so am going to wait till the weekend, maybe my stomach will have settled by then!

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  1. Art can be weird and creepy and somehow draw you in anyway :) Your pictures are cool and interesting xoxo And I'll get back to you on the title thing tomorrow, I've just been catching up on stuff today because I've been ill! :) xoxo