Friday, 5 September 2014

Tried/Tired: Colour Wheel

content warning: gross/gory medical drawing

sing a rainbow too

** RED **







R: Medusa Marinara, Vik Muniz, Images from Advanced First Aid & Emergency Care  O: OITNB poster by Renis, 'What is an Insect' book cover by Jenifer W. Day, and Dorothea Barlowe Y: insecticide 24, American Apparel Plaid Circle Skirt, mat collishaw G: Sky Ferreira 'Night Time My Time', Gremlins I Can Read Movies book, B: The American National Red Cross, 1973., Jean Louis Scherrer, S/S 1999,I: Lisa Left Eye, Minimalist HP3 poster by VGeorg Baselitz, drawing from here

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