Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Study in Sheer

I like wearing sheer because it is:
a. like a cat in a well lit window
b. it's cute, and yohji-ish
c. as long as its not the short at the front, witch-long on the back, its not a 2012 throwback
d. a promise that does not deliver, a deliver that does not promis(I forget which order but i am certain that all clothes are this-sorta kinda-to who? to me of course!)

Rachel Rutt by Ben Sullivan, mark borthwick for i-D, kate middleton,  can’t go home, angels ribĂ©, 1977, Fleamadonna dress, Ming Xi for the Vogue China April 2014 issue, photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg and styled by Julia Von Boehm


  1. The last dress is so cool but tbh I'm awful with sheer, I can't make it work! I have one dress with sheer black sleeves though and those sleeves are way cute. It's like having to wear two outfits at once and make them match idk I can't do it. I love it though, as a look.

    1. Omg yes it is totally wearing two outfits! (Unless you wanna wander round in your underwear which isn't really a feasible look for me haha!) So yes 100% awkward and sometimes uncomfortable but that is kind of why I love it haha? I love how useless and impractical it is! I love ridiculous fashion, useless fabric, pockets that don't work, it all fascinates me and charms me in a way I can't quite explain! It's like that bit in the tim burton version of charlie and the chocolate movie (itself a wholly useless adapatation!) When Mike Teevee is looking at all the weird sweets and is like IT'S POINTLESS and then Charlie is like 'but candy doesn't have a point, that's why it's candy!' That's how I feel about sheer, and just fashion in general! XOX