Friday, 17 October 2014

Psychadelic Slit Mouth Woman

Haiiii! Just hangin' out in my garden wearing all my clothes piled on top of each other nbd. September-October is basically two month long carnival of halloween fun times, so I decided to dress like a Simpsons Tree House of Horror Episode, yay! 

The cardigan was from the vintage section of Urban Outfitters, like 2 years ago in the sale (coz it was March!), the dress was from the sale in Zara but it's superrr short so I have to wear a skirt underneath which makes it bunch up weirdly around the middle, so yeah umm cute dress on the hanger but not great to actually wear, still I love the paint blob patterns! Simpsons socks which you can't actually see (close up further down!, mum's trainers, cat bag from a market stall in Oxford. Oh and blood-blob choker from Claire's Accessories coz weird Halloween costume jewellery is the best! ^0^

Also! So much love and gratitude to everyone who has backed and boosted the Doll Hospital Kickstarter so far! You are amazing and I love you all, because of you we have reached our kickstarter in six days! SIX DAYS! OUR GOAL WAS TO REACH IT BY 60 DAYS??? That's amazing! If you haven't donated yet you still can! And it will still be worthwhile! Any donations now will go towards shipping the journal internationally so it can reach all our readers worldwide, paying our contributors (something which is ridiculously important as our team of artists, illustrators, writers and designers have worked SO hard and deserve to be compensated for all their hard work) and, if raise enough extra £££, printing some more copies too!

Random close ups of outfit, and me procrastinating email answering via selfie taking:



Credits: The Simpsons!