Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Movie Montage Moments: Notes on Showgirls

[tw: rape]

Okay so y'kno how everyone is like 'this is the worst film ever', well it's a different kind of bad than I was expecting?! A pornographic neon nightmare, exploitative, and awful, featuring a really, really horrific rape scene that would be enough to black list the film in and of itself?

I have no idea why anyone made this film (and I don't want to) but the aesthetics match its heart of darkness and for that it is notable. There is definite David Lynch vibes (in its Americana theatrics, Mullholland Drive identity feels, and the always welcome presence of 90s Kyle Maclachlan) and, in its ambiguity in terms of agency, as well as it's pulpy aesthetics, it really had a Faster Pussycat Kill Kill kind of vibe (Tura Santana 5eva). 

Oh and the use of make up merits a PHD film theory thesis?! 

I mean this may be a 'bad' film but it is not one to be taken lightly, like there is so much going on here!

So yeah, this is a fucked up film I would probably not recommend to anyone ever but I took a ton of screenshots (of the non-horrific bits) so you don't have to. Because whilst you probably won't enjoy the film necessarily (it's also really long?!) I think you'd like all the pretty, pulp-y stills ❤ ❤ 

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