Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Christmas Gift

Happy Christmas Eve bbs! Whilst I toyed with the idea of posting a Christmas gift idea post earlier this month (it's in my drafts actually lol) such a post seemed kinda...phony. Like what's the point in posting a bunch of Etsy stores on here that I can't even afford myself?!

This also ties into what me, Ginger and Eline were talking about over at Doll Hospital in terms of self care, how self care doesn't need to be about buying things, as such an outlook is not only inaccessible to working class babes like us, but also reductive and potentially damaging. Sooo I thought it'd be cool to give a free gift! The recommendation of my fave anime I discovered only a few days a go. 

It's called Polar Bear Cafe:

And it's cute:

So cute!

It's embodies the post grad liberal arts lifestyle in a way Lena Dunham never could:

Complete with egotism:

Vague career aspirations:

And failed job interviews:

It offers important life advice:

It's funny:

Like really funny!!

Plus there's an irl Polar Bear cafe to dream of visiting:

Oh and all fifty episodes are available for free on Crunchy Roll!!!




  1. I love your blog so much! :D New follower here! Hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too? :)

  2. omg I've meant to watch this but haven't yet....... I'm gonna watch this ASAP. The Lena Dunham comment.... perfect. Merry polar bear! xxxxxx

    1. Merry polar bear to you too dear one! <3 And omg please do, I love it so much and I'm 100% sure you will too!! Lemme kno when you've seen it so we can fan girl together!!! :))) xox