Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Choker: Ebay
Jumper: Official Adventure Time merch from Forbidden Planet, a Christmas gift :)
Skirt: A Wear
Silver bangle: Christmas gift :)
Tights: Primark
Socks: Pound shop
Shoes: Gordon Jack

The 30th of December and two of my favourite outfits of the year/all time worn in the past two days!! (The other one was the cat one btw). This was my pub lunch outfit (I had pie, I love pie, pie is great, pie is good) and overheard an older dude talking bout the first person in his road to get Sky TV to watch the British boxing matches. The oral history of casual conversation, casual working class conversations is the most precious thing. Speaking of working class stuff how #iconic has Danny Dyer's performance been in Eastenders?! Watching his Christmas day performance with Kellie Bright felt really important?? My entire family is Eastenders-obsessed and me and my cousin spent most of last Easter holidays watching fan videos of Ben Mitchell on YouTube because we're cool like that.

The BMO jumper has been an important part of my life in the past few days and complements my current retro futurism cuteness #vibes:

Andre Courreges, NASA poster, big hero 6,  Andre Courreges Vogue Spread by Bert Stern, tomorrow land, big hero 6,  Galaxy Chic baked eye shadow palette by BH Cosmetics (I got this for Christmas and is now my favourite eyeshadow set I own-I'm wearing 'Comet' in this photo! 10/10 would recommend!), Tomorrowland characters at Disneyland c. 1961, keyboard from here Stitch, tattoo from here

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