Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Coordinated Christmas Cat Lady

Frosty bus stop # OOTD

Anne Stevenson's little mammal tribute to her purdy cat has been running through plus I got this top for Christmas so a black and white tribute to my own black and white beast was in order.


a christmas cat.

 I was outrageously depressed today but you wouldn't know it from these photos would you?! how pictures lie! and what a gift that is, all photos are deceitful but at least with selfies you can control the narrative arc of these falsehood no? honesty is kind of overrated and i don't want a load of pictures of me looking like i want to kill myself do i? i wouldn't even know how to edit such a picture, after all I only have i photo, a poor man's photoshop. and it'd make a shit photo album or so gross messed up art installation one, with the album bound from like idk human skin or some pretentious ed gein crap like that.

Tights: from this Ebay shop (I also own the teddy ones, which I'm wearing here)
Top:the top is from this store envy shop, however it doesn't seem to be selling anymore and I couldn't find an alternative stockist? The label reads AD2XA but that does not provide very many hits so you could always ask the store envy owner! I discovered the shop after nabbing my cat tights from Ebay, but they also have a ton of cute printed tights too! I want the totoro ones so bad :O
Skirt: H and M, though it's a few seasons ago but I had a look and you can grab one on Ebay.
Oh and the jacket is from Primark haha.

gross and weirdly intimate but also cool picture of my cat combo like Moriyama's fishnets but not hot and actually repulsive.

cool and non-gross photo of my cat legs

oh and some random Xmas photos...YEAHHH

btw the random dude is my Grandad haha, oh and the dress is from american h and m and pickle's outfit is from the pound shop!! christmas was good tho i was (obviously) a blob and me and my cousins ended up on the weird side of Youtube singing it's all about the elasticated waist to the tune of it's all about the bass whilst eating cold turkey and generally being disgusting human beings.

Oooh and on a final shamelessly cute note....

Happy Holidays everyone :)))


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  1. I love both your outfits! And oh, I'm so sorry you're having a hard time with depression bb, it can be horrible in the winter months! I hope you're OK and looking forward to Doll Hospital! Hope you had a great Christmas and a great New Year! :)