Monday, 8 December 2014

East Meets West is a corny title for a show but the art was cool so that's something

Leonid Sokov Two Profiles (Stalin and Marilyn)

--shitty i-phone picz ftw---

The compare and contrast model of curation seems big right now,seems a *thing* right now, I'm thinking of the double-triple blockbuster model (more for you money in a triple dip recession?) of putting two seemingly disconnected (but equally famous) artists together, the Ashmoleum's Bacon + Moore, Tate's Turner + Monet + Twombly, Modern Art Oxford's Warhol+ Morris, you know what I mean, yeah?? And is there a bigger binary that the construction of East and West? The biro lines of race and continents that shapes everything from supermarket food aisles to those 'THIS IS THE REALITY OF NORTH KOREA' photo sets on microblogging sites. Capitalism vs Communism! America vs China! That new movie with Seth Rogen and Kim Joung-un! The hashtag firstworld problems! And this show at the Saatchi is an apt manifestation of this, Mark Hudson over at the Telegraph describes works as "crushingly obvious", "tiresome", "boring" and "sterile" AND gives it four stars! Now isn't that's an a perfect example of the contradictions of curation?!

Komar & Melamid, Alexey Kallima, Meat Showcase,Fang Lijun, Untitled, Komar and Melamid, future american flag


  1. HA this is all so true! I think you are onto something here! The world we live in is so confusing!

  2. I always wanted to stick a small drawing on a wall in the Saatchi. I wonder how long it would stay up for. I've noticed I rate everything much more harshly than most people seem to, so that bit about the four star rating made me laugh. Only things I think are like totally perfect get rated proper high by me, which is basically nothing. Not that I don't appreciate things with their flaws, but I am very much aware of the flaws. And in terms of popular media most things have massive, MASSIVE flaws. I always feel odd about East/West designations because I'm always remembering that we live on a sphere so none of it technically makes sense, u kno? Imagine if Kanye West's name was "Kanye It Is Actually A Sphere So There Is No West Sort Of But I Understand Why You Need To Have Relational Words And Stuff".

    1. Lil your comments are always so glorious omg?? :')

      In terms of putting up a drawing in the saatchi, what i always imagine doing is curating little art shows in the toilet cubicles! different ones for different museums and galleries!!

      It would be called

      ....wait for it....


      I kno. I kno. With ideas like that why am I not some kind of multi millionaire artist extroadinaire??

      And that is SO TRUE about the sphere thing, that had never occured to me before! also it is always rotating so there is no fixed point??

      The politics of map making is reflected in this, which goes into ideas like the 'upside down map' and questions of south and north! I did a mood board (vaguely) on this topic here actually!


    2. Love the idea of turning purpose built spaces in art galleries into extensions of the gallery, especially the place where everyone has a pee. Sometimes students at my college do art stuff in the toilet, which I quite enjoy (like this:

    3. OMG!!!! LOVE!!! I like the idea of using the toilet cubicle as a little white cube space and hanging up art really playfully/seriously in it, on the walls, with captions and stuff! I actually want to do this now?? Toilet gallery ftw!! xox