Sunday, 7 December 2014


"My religion makes no sense / and does not help me / therefore I pursue it."
-Anne Carson
Humble brag: I'm kind of a connoisseur when it comes to suicidal ideation. I always wanted to be one of those people  have an encyploedic knowledge of....something....anything....but was too much of a narcissistic weirdo to commit to memorising complete discographies and bird names italicised in latin. But suicidal ideation I'm kind of a wine taster for. Early morning. No sleep? Automated rejection email? A fine blend! 

My tumblr back button say 'back in time' and I think there is a certain nostalgia and narcissism to the cultivation of images of any kind online, even depressing shit like this which I probz would keep on a tab, grown tiny by my to do list tabs, my google chrome an irritating archive of my failures (like that tumblr blog I followed about organization which says make your bed each morning and I say fuck you but don't unfollow because I'm stubborn and the very act of following seems productive somehow), posts I would want to want to read, but never would, only pardoned once the browser crashes. Tho I'm not pardoned coz this is my blog, so even worse than reading this junk I have to WRITE it haha!!!

There is a buzzfeed post of cliches of instagram which features one of my favourite comments ever. (Perhaps not the biggest compliment because comment section are like dark internet levels of fucked but yeah.) It goes like this:

"I'm not on Instagram, so I'm no expert but I like how people get all annoyed that most Instagram photos (or FB posts or Tweets) fall into the same generic categories. These are little snippets of millions of peoples everyday lives. That's the whole point, the whole basis. Of course most images are going to wind up falling into similar categories—if every image on Instagram were a genius work of art then original, creative art would cease to have meaning."

Normcore is cool with 90s banal Ikea catalogue aesthetics but insta filters are shit, and no white people can seem to understand the actual definition of basic. I love how the internet (myself included) are creating little museums of their lives. Mine is a bit crap but so am I so at least it's accurate I guess. 

And suicidal ideation connoisseur? A new one for the wine cellar: a knitted dress too tight round the armpits, a too hot room, I know you felt it, my mother's community choir singing California dreamin', fluorescent lighting, laminate floors, girl guide home made banners on the wall. A fine blend! A fine blend!

Oh and speaking of pixellated nostalgia, time warp soft propaganda, generational enforced fun: 


**** Starring Jack Nicholson's ponytail!*****

Here's a mood board I made of various screen shots from the movie, squares, psychedelic patterns, hand painted day dreams and fluffy hats! Today's outfit was meant to be a 90s goth-Kyary Pamyu Pamayu-listening-alien girl version of this movie!!


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