Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Self Preservation Society

"Dying Young Is Lame

You know who's a great actor? Michael Caine. He’s consistently churned out great films in every decade, started fashion trends, won two Oscars, made a fuckload of money, married beautiful women and has lived a life that’d be the envy of anyone on Earth.

You know who overacted in a couple of teensploitation movies and died covered in cigarette burns aged 24? James Dean. You know who was also kind of melodramatic? Kurt Cobain. You know who’s pretty cool? Sixty-five-year-old Brian Eno. Nelson Mandela got quite a lot of shit done after he was 30, didn't he? The list goes on. Because while some young deaths are – of course – tragic and unavoidable (still got love for you, Biggie), a lot of people need to understand that the “live fast, die young” mantra is total bullshit that’s been sold to you by record labels and jeans companies.

Wanting to live as long as possible in as good health as possible doesn’t mean you’re Cliff Richard. Really, it just means that you’re somebody whose understanding of the human condition goes beyond wanting to join “the 27 Club” and getting immortalised on the side of a bagel van in Camden. The fact is that “live fast, die young” is a pathetic notion perpetuated by the kind of people who wear rosary beads and call Amy Winehouse by her first name alone, despite never having met her.

Is that who you wanna be? No. 
Try to live as long as you possibly can, dickhead. Life might be kinda shit, but overdosing on skag in Wolfman’s bathtub is immeasurably worse."
-Clive Martin (a.k.a. my fave writer)
(random highlights my own-suicidal ideation: 0, Beth: 1)

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