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Avon Calling! Novelty 1970s Make Up Appreciation Post

Okay. So my current make up obsession is not of the cool-cult Nars variety, I've been obsessively googling the earnest and original designs that Avon popped out in the 60-90s, this stuff is so great! The affected kitsch of Soap and Glory and Benefit feels rather flat in contrast to the pure, uninhibited creativity that underpins the thought process of the release of a fried egg lip gloss (I kno! more on that later!) It just doesn't have the same imagination, the same JOY y'kno?

Many of these images are from this great blog post, whilst the rest are from late night Pinterest marathons and old Etsy listings.

But seriously this isn't just me being a weird. I have EVIDENCE.

Okay first the ad campaigns!

I mean these spreads are worthy of any museum: 

Speaking of which...did you know there's an ACTUAL lipstick museum in Berlin?! 

Have to go! Have to go!

Some of them are just simply lovely, like this poster printed in Ebony Magazine in April 1971
(found on this wonderful flickr account)

And some of them are kinda trippy like this "beautiful illusion" spread from August 1966! "Beautiful illusion" isn't that such a poetic description? And the image reminds me of Pipilotti Rist which is just an additional layer of ace. 
And THIS space one from the 60s, space girls and moisturiser??? This is too much!! I love their giant helmets paired with the idea of tactile intimacy!

This is just so classic, the nails and the lips, the eyebrows, the pink, it looks like a memory, a dream, a david lynch montage.

Speaking of movies the theatrics of this one is great.

The tag Sweet Honesty, an early ancestor to no make up make up, norm core feels?
1976 advert for 'Sweet Honesty cologne': "It's down to earth but heavenly" again with the no make up make up undertones!

MOON WIND! The Most 1970s name ever??
I love the connection between the Avon lady and her client, there's so much trust, this woman who let another, basic stranger in her home, in her room maybe, let her recommend all this intimate things, touch her face, her hair, her eyelids, this intense silent friendship. 

This is so Glinda the Good Witch, make up magic.

This shoot is my favourite I think, these magical bottles, floating across the air, I wonder if Tim Walker has seen this photo? Wes Anderson before he made the Prada movie?

Isn't it just so.....dystopian???
This blurry overlord with her triangle of cosmetics?!




this lip gloss is reminds me of Dali's sofa:

 the erotics of the everyday

Penny lip gloss! Capitalism and desire, and how mean boys call girls 'cheap', 'cheap' for wearing too much make up (I have been told I wear too much make up) boys can be gross.

These cookies ones should be paired with a movie montage soundtrack and shiny sticker skates. and roller skates. pink roller skates. with unicorns on. I bet the Lisbon sisters used these lip glosses, 

Some of Avon's stuff is kinda weird though:

I mean, this "glow worm" lip gloss is just plain creepy  lol

And this peanut one is.....peculiar
cherry cola lip balm and lipstick for intense make out to the soundtrack of lana del rey sessions

Isn't this slide out compact GENIUS, I adore food kitsch so so much, the chewing gum one is SO GREAT, who designed these??? how can I befriend them??
This is cute too! The packaging is so Willy Wonka

This was the least colonial of the 'It's a Small World' cosmetics output lol
This reminds me of Kailey's blog Mermaidens, are you in love with her blog? I am definitely in love with her blog. It's like living inside an icecream palour which is a very good thing indeed.

I love strawberry themed stuff (my animal crossing person has a strawberry hat and they look SO CUTE) and the way it flips up like the box an engagement ring! Brilliant!
before Clinique chubby sticks there was crayon lipgloss!!! 

And to end on a lip stick high note.....

***TEEN MAGIC!!!!!***

The sun tan lotions are amazing also??? 

I mean look at the packaging!!!

Also novelty soap!!

pineapple soap!

melon bar soap! Isn't it amazing to think of someone putting out tiny soap balls shaped like little melons for their house guests? That's dedication.

weird gross looking 1980s soap on a rope, that isn't a THING anymore is it? when did it stop being a thing? why did it start being a thing? what is the rope for?

this one is from 1969 and is so 1960s it is quite charming even tho it is kind of gross, the flesh tones of the soap kinda freak me out tbh.

Okay... moving on to....


Okay this is definitely the most Virgin Suicide item in this entire post and that is saying something, it is so Lux, she probably wore this to her prom.
This one comes in a close second for Virgin Sucides vibes tho

This is 1970s lamp perfume feels less Lisbon sisters, but more the Lisbon house itself, stale popcorn smell.

I have nothing interesting to say about this 1970s honey bee one i just really like bee themed stuff lol.

This is apparently perfume also! I have no idea how or what or why but look at the upside down icecream cone!! what a lil beauty!

Okay this section is entirely dedicated to the Anchorman aesthetics of these hilarious men's cologne packaging:

1977 cologne lantern, the dudes on the packaging!!!!
"Alaskan Moose Deep Woods" *screams* 

1963 ad proving that men's beauty products didn't start with that whole 'metrosexual' thing in the 90s

Okay! Last part! This isn't really make up, but these accessories are so cute I can't not include them y'kno???


*Veruce Salt voice*





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