Wednesday, 14 January 2015

"The Old had left us to die, and we hated them."




  1. Jeez, this is a huge problem for so many people. Also, sent you address for Doll Hospital journal! xoxoxo

  2. Wow okay this just makes me wonder is captalism all that good anyways. Like what if unemployment had no effect on someone's ability to harm themselves or end their lives. Life is so important I mean I only just realized this after watching 'How to stop screwing yourself over,' by Mel Robbins. To think of it in terms of myself I have dealt with mental illness and I always consider my self stupid for wanting to kill myself, but grief is real and when you see no outcome or future it becomes even more of a reality. I just want to propose that you are here for a reason, think of all the eggs and sperm in your parents bodies that came together and decided to make you, none of those other eggs and sperm made it, you did. This is so rambly, I just felt like I needed to respond. Have a lovely day!

    1. Lol yeah capitalism is rubbish haha I've been researching relationships between suicide and social issues such as unemployment, debt and poverty, and it has a very real body count (and then obviously there's the colonial history of slavery which "Western" capitalism itself was built on). Social issues of class poverty should seriously be centred as it is these environmental factors that impact mental health so desperately and need to be addressed, particularly in working class communities.

      But that in itself is too simplistic as yeah capitalism and human made structures are cruel and brutal and random, but so is nature itself! I don't think I believe everything happens for a reason in the traditional sense, as nature does not possess reason or logic, I think it's perhaps necessary to be at peace with its horror, it makes me think of my favourite Welcome To Night Vale quote: "Nature kills you and then makes new things out of you."

      That is how I feel about life in general. I don't think suicidal ideation is stupid though! No thought is stupid. And I don't want u to feel bad about it! Suicidal ideation is just simply a part of being human, it is not extraordinary or exceptional its just something I, and lots of other ppl deal with on a day to basis, like I don't hate that I have it, its just like I said in another blog post I wish it wasn't so loud! I think its useful to see it like that :) Like ok this is a thing that exists but maybe let's work on turning the volume down a bit on it y'kno? :)

      I hope that makes sense! And thank you for your lovely thoughtful message, I hope you have a beautiful day too <3