Friday, 2 January 2015

This Will Be Our Year

NYE outfit for taco eating and ABBA dancing: crown from the children's section of H and M, jumper in the Topshop sale, skirt from New Look, tights from Primark.

Outfit Inspiration, the always perfect Jenna Coleman in InStyle Dec 2014:

New year’s resolutions 2015 so far are as follows:
-Get behind me satan
-Also fuck trich, stop pulling your hair out!
-“He’s suicidal? I’m suicidal, you’re suicidal, everybody’s suicidal! We don’t all keep going on about it!” x
-"Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Only assholes do that." x
-"However bad life might seem, while there is life there is hope" x
-Know your worth: Fuck approval, make your own space
-There are people here that love you the least you could do is answer their fucking texts, jesus what the hell is wrong with you?
-Actually in general stop isolating yourself, that’s y’kno bad. Stop doing that.
-“Is that who you wanna be? No. Try to live as long as you possibly can, dickhead. Life might be kinda shit, but overdosing on skag in Wolfman’s bathtub is immeasurably worse.” x
-Seriously tho. don’t kill yourself, that’s a terrible idea. 
-Don’t fuck this up yeah? 

Also on less deep note! Baymax! In all his low res glory!!

How was your new year's bb?! And the holidays in general come to think of it?!! Did you get any cool gifts? Do you have any resolutions or do you think resolutions are an F- shit idea? Why do my new year's resolutions look like the script of a cuss filled Danny Dyer movie?! So many questions!!!

Talk soon?

Love Beth


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