Sunday, 11 January 2015

Wolf Children

a trigger warning suicide (sort of) poem (sort of)

the scoliosis of the western world
the kanye west of the western world
the headlice of the the western world
i am a slash mouthed emoticon for the western world

and sometime i wake up and think of things
i thought and said 
500 days before

even tho i am not depressed
(today anyway)
or suicidal
(today anyway)

i think crikey o riley
the only way to go from here is beyond
(above and/or below)

but i remember it was 500 days ago
or 400
or 122

and i realise i woke up everyday b4
and every day sinz

and even when tho i wanted a death like lisa simpson wanted a pony
i realise its whatever

theatrical shrug
theatrical yawn

and go eat breakfast or something

 (or something)

Wolf Children stills


  1. I really like Your blog! Your words are beautiful and powerful xx

    // Ania,