Monday, 19 January 2015

"You can plant a perfect fruit to create a perfect fruit tree, but this tree will die after a few harvests."

the top of outfit is the bottom, the bottom of my outfit is at the top, this is called experimental fashion blogging. 
Forever 21 jumper a xmas present from the perf Sakun whose birthday was last week so send her good vibez/gifts yeah!!, Topshop sale skirt, polkadot tights from somewhere crap and cheap as they are horribly laddered so yeah, and the giant purple shoes by a brand called Gordon Jack bought in an odd ball shop on Oxford high street.

nonsense notes after watching Bird Man, I'll turn this into an essay of some sorts for the next DH....This Issey Miyake jumper is in the Met and I want it on me, I am a spoilt child when it comes to clothes (we all are I suppose-it is the only kind of bratty irrational that is socially acceptable) throw (non-pretty) things against the wall and cry now-now-now. The now! The object. That is fashion after all.

Speaking of shedding skin I have been listening to this song on repeat for the past week, body horror is the missing link in fashion blogging and i think i am single handedly cultivating the genre of feel bad-un-aspirational lifestyle blogging, less gazing in the glowing windows of well loved bank balanced, shit together pics and more thank god it's them and not me. I'd be genuinely concerned if anyone read my suicide selfies and felt even the tiniest whitehead of jealousy!

The lyrics! The lyrics!

"I don't want my body/it looks like a reject from an Oxfam poster/sex is its hobby/I stick it in the slot like bread in the toaster/I don't want my rib cage/when I'm lying on my back it looks like a toast rack/I don't want my body/God give me another one you can have this one back."

"Always the same old body/it's always in the same old clothes/Always the same old finger/sticking up the same old nose. Wake up in the morning it's the same old body lying there/The same teeth and toenails/same old skin and hair."

"It's too late to change it/it's ruined by late night dissipation/and you can't build a mansion on a shaky foundation/I don't want my body it's either too hot or it's too cold/in the evening it feels young and clumsy/in the morning it feels baggy and old"

This is so James Joyce! So Our Lady! (I kno there are others authors but Joyce and Jean 5eva everyone else is meh lol)

Also the genre is apparently neurotic ska punk which isn't an accurate description of this blog????
We also need to talk about this film! Into the forest of the fireflies light! I loved it so much! It is only 45 minutes or so long so a sort of mini movie for my mangled attention span, and it draws the dots on every theme I love! Forest spirits! Nature! Sharp-sweet love stories! Please watch it!

Oh and a general mood board because OF COURSE!

Aesop's Fables selected and adapted by Louis Untermeyer, illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen (1965), Mary Blair, Cinderella visual development, Jules de Balincourt, 2003, Shakesperean insult cat, Sara Cwynar, WTNV art from here, dog from the depths of hell

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