Sunday, 22 February 2015

Career Opportunities


pumped full of unrealistic expectations 

but lacking a marketable skill, 

endures a series of humiliating job interviews 

that are made all the worse by her own grating refusal to accept 


The movie's most painful scenes illustrate 

the chasm between the smug workaday world 

and the demimonde of unsocialized outsiders 

who are clueless about the job market.


Here's my resume.

I mean, technically it says "curriculum vitae," 

which I think is more professional, 

but, you know, same thing 

pretty much.


But this position truly is a no-experience-necessary 

kind of thing.

Well, and it doesn't really say it here, 

but I have a solid background in sales.

I'm pretty much a self-starter,


I really feel 

I could be a major, 



to your sales force.

I'm thinking there's a 



This isn't actually 

a sales 


I mean, I'd be happy to consider you 

for a sales position, 

but our agents need to be licensed, 

have at least two years on-the-job experience, 

and usually 

a college degree.

What you would be doing is more like 



  1. That video is so me it hurts. It doesn't seem to get any easier to keep going to job interviews where people are going to reject you and not understand or like you. I guess it must have gotten easier though because the first interview I ever had I couldn't even go inside the building I was shaking so hard. Once I had an interview at a McDonalds and I showed up to find the building cordoned off because construction was taking place. Never figured out how I was meant to actually interview for that one. Got tears in my eyes over here.

    1. Oh I'm so sorry for your bad experience Lil, I definitely feel you, it is such an utterly crushing experience, people say with each interview you gain more experience but it just makes me disillusioned! I cry every time I get a rejection! And to make yourself so vulnerable time and time again only to be shut down, is just so painful, even taking a trip to a new place with new unfriendly people is intimidating, I do not think people realise!

      The landscape of employment is so grotesque, so warped for our generation, it erases any kind of illusion of social mobility....and exemplifies everything that is corrupt. I actually did a post collecting some research on unemployment and mental health last month, and the situation is so dire (the very manifestation of the personal is political when the economic climate is resulting in vulnerable members of society taking their own lives) we really need to be addressing this issue as a country! But like I feel that the people who could make a change are the people who do not care or cannot empathise!

      Sending you much love <3 <3

    2. Unemployment is so linked to unhappiness for me. It's all the rhetoric telling you you're selfish and lazy and bad for not being employed, or for not trying more or doing more. Like it doesn't matter that your anxiety is at its highest in job application and interview scenarios, because you should be able to just do it and if you can't you're a bad person. I just want a huge bouquet of flowers for getting from having a pretty extreme anxious reaction to even applying for a job to actually attending an interview and being okay, not shaking, only really hurt in the aftermath of rejection. I want some anxiety spirit to send me a bunch of anxiety grammys or something. But no one bothers to acknowledge mental health progress. lol I'm so angry I don't have a trophy. Also just because I've been able to make progress doesn't mean I'm gonna stay at that level and it doesn't mean it's not still hard.

      I had a lecture recently and this 30-ish white party girl artist was talking about opportunities and stuff she'd been able to do, working with The Tate, etc. The lecture was supposed to be about what we might be able to work towards after graduation, and it was clear this woman had gotten every single career opportunity through nepotism. Friends and friends of friends had positions at companies and institutions. And she really seemed to believe all her advice about just trying for opportunities~~ just apply for things~~ like, okay, thanks...

    3. I agree with this so deeply I felt like totally overwhelmed with emotion and couldn't even respond till now???

      In regards to that lecture-which oh my gosh-is that not UAL in a nutshell??? It also highlights two points, like one that a lot of students can't afford to live in a city in London that actually has these opportunities, the location based part of this is so rarely raised, yet ties in so much with families and class!

      And also like ok so with working class kids, kids of colour, young people from marginalised background who have sooo much pressure put on us to go to university get a good education, etc, etc, we kill ourselves studying at the expense of our mental health to come top of our class, but what then? Because despite these immense pressures there is no sustainable outcome! Social mobility is such a farce like!

      And in regards to productivity with applications, when studies have shown that unemployment has such a dire affect on mental health it is all but impossible to keep such a productive momentum up!? So lethargy is the result of unemployment, not its cause!! Not to mention the social isolation of being inside so much, without the resources to travel or socialise, it is just a horrible cocoon...

  2. Oh, Beth, I know. I mean, I haven't done any job interviews, I just submit writing stuff but even a rejection for that is painful (even understanding it comes with the territory sometimes!) Maybe even more painful because writing is so personal! But yeah, I think some of the older generation have a very limited idea of just how easy it is to find work in today's climate, and how hard it is for some young people to earn money! I'm in a privileged position but I know many who aren't and I hate the way it's often presented as "Young people just don't try hard enough to find work.." because for a lot of people I know, that could not be less true. xoxo