Wednesday, 18 February 2015

house and home

the i don't really have any new stuff so im just gonna wear everything at once kinda look

 the jacket is from some creepy, creepy, junk shop in York (as seen on my insta here and here), the name label is sewed in, some dude may or not have died in it, i bought it for a quid, so i may or may not have purchased some poor devil's second skin for spare change. (i never said this was an aspirational fashion blog!!) top from Harajuku Fashion,
 skirt is from urban outfitters sale, the skirt underneath is (plot twist!) not a skirt but a maxi dress from the children's section of h and m (im short, like really short, i have a theory that all bloggers are short tho)

a sloppy sort of shirt-skirt to match my mood i guess, loose clothes for in between states, I am depressed but I am not suicidal. Therefore I am doing well!

 (I think?!)

DH went on sale last weekend (and also sold out last weekend)Amd I am feeling happy with what I wrote for it bout suicidal ideation, I skyped Mikael yesterday and he read some of it aloud! (I didn't ask him to I'm not that much of an egotist lol). Mikael's essay for the first issue is the one that most closely reflects my current reality. And I love it a lot. The essay I mean. Not my reality.

Speaking of I really like these brain bogeys I pulled out the other day on tumblr:

I like what I do! And I like that people like it! But I am burnt out, like I am a dry dirt hole bomb shell kind of ded post dh launch and stuff so the time for elaborate word talk is not this time but I have been thinking about home, what does home means when you're mental health is very bad, what does home mean in relation to trauma? Child survivor feels? How does it manifest? In heavy layering that drags the dirt? in your favourite jumper? your favourite shoes? or something, somewhere else? I'm too sleepy to even go fake deep on this shit but here is some picture processing for you:

Gina at Bruce’s dinner party, NYC, 1991, Nan Goldin, Yoshitomo Nara's installation, house in Yogyakarta, Nara installation again, Bahman Jalali, Sara Rahber, Atlanta, military pallas cat

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  1. the stickers thing - YES, so much yes, I totally thought something very similar too. There should be some cute little reward all the time, for living. I really like long skirts and I only own two. One is is too big and sits at my hip and I can't stand that. The other is amazing, but it's a tube skirt and I can't wear a tube skirt all the time, mostly because when I have my period my pads would stick out in tight clothing and I'm not really keen on that as a look. Really want basically something like a skater skirt but longer, but not down to my ankles. It's not really very specific but also seems a bit hard to find? Everything is short or long. And I'm 5'2 so kid's clothes are very much my thing. I love buying clothes made for little boys. That feels very me.